party formation

  1. RMMV Request 'no force fill space' formation plugin

    Can anyone make a plugin that the game will not fill the empty spots? this is how normal be (w/ yep battle status window} removing the middle char --- don't want char to fill the spot. Think can help? the empty space can fill with another char. I set max in battle = 5. (use yep party...
  2. RMMV column row formation?

    I aware that there is YEP row formation plugin, but when used for first view... anyway, is there any plugin formation 1 row and 5 column? can request 'digimon world ds/dawn/dusk' formation? as in the picture. the left from the ori game, have 5 spots for actors to battle. row formation for how...
  3. How to lock a specific class to a specific slot in the party?

    This might be a little complicated to explain, but i'll try my best. Basically in my game there's 3 main classes(Leaders/guards/fighters) and i want to lock the leaders to slot 1 in the party. The reason for that is because i use srd's hud maker to make things look "fancy" and the leaders have...
  4. SoftCloud

    Row Formation in Front-View Battle

    So, this has been bugging me here and there for a while. I have specialized in front-view battle systems, but, I struggle to see a reason why formation is used save for establishing the party leader. Is there some other use I'm not finding through web searches? Also, has anyone come up with...
  5. Reset actor formation to default on map change.

    Hi, I bet this has been asked before but I want to know how or if this can be done? I want my players to be able to do any formation of the actors they like in their party during the fighting maps in my game using 1 actor at a time with Alpha ABS. But I have the second part of my game where...

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