party leader

  1. Yawgmoth

    Automatically casting animation at start of battle?

    Hi all, So I have a party size of 4. I want only the party leader to be visible at the start of combat and perform the casting action while an animation appears beneath party member 2, 3, and 4 making them suddenly appear and then the animation stop. I want all of this to take effect before the...
  2. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly Actor Party Switch Plugin Extension?

    I using Yanfly's Actor Party Switch Plugin for RPG Maker MV located below. I was hoping to restrict the party switch feature to the party leader's turn while choosing the two actors to switch. Instead of allowing the same...
  3. Benja

    Party leader perks

    I want to give whoever is my party leader an increase in speed and a slight boost in other stats as well, but only while they are the leader of the party. I kind of want to add an element of strategy in your party formation. Thanks in advanced (PS Very sorry to the awesome mods for...
  4. Benja

    Party leader perks

    I want whoever is the party leader to gain an increase in speed, and a slight boost in the other stats as well, but only while they're the party leader.  Thanks in advanced.
  5. Determine lead actor in RMVX ?

    Hey all, it's me again. I'm making a game where there's a drug mechanic, now the drug would have to be useable only by the party leader. Also, since there's a common event that controls the effects of the drug each time it is used, I need a way to determine who is the leader exactly. I know in...
  6. nathanlink169

    Party Leader Changing

    Hey guys! This has been brought up before here - However, this is more than a year old and no answer was brought. The problem is that whenever a new character is added, they then take the roll of party...

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