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  1. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to make an enemy that is a clone of a party member?

    In my project, there is a late-game dungeon that culminates with a boss battle against four "Shadows" of the four party members. The idea is that the Shadows would scale with the player character, and would use spells & skills those characters have access to. I considered making them...
  2. Enemy Attack Effect specific to party member.

    I am trying to create an effect when an enemy attack has specific results depending on which party member it hits. What I am ultimately trying to accomplish. Instead of just the battle sprite hits, I want a specific graphic to be displayed when a specific party member is hit by an attack, or...
  3. KTRay0405

    RMMV [SOLVED/CLOSED] Ballon on Party Member

    So, I have a cutscene, and in that cutscene, Character B mocks Character C. Both characters are Party Members. I would like Character C to display a ballloon animation over her head. Do I have to make a separate event for this, or is there some other way I could do it?
  4. Player can't move after adding new party member

    I added a new member to the party and then automatically... the characters moved right on their own without me putting such a thing. When they did, they stopped moving because they hit a wall, I guess. There's a self-switch for a blank second page set in action button to avoid the event...
  5. atoms

    Do you have a preference on how many party members you like in turn based battles?

    I'm just curious what people think. You can vote more than one, if you like more than one. I'd vote for 3, 4, 5 and 6, as I think I can like those four. I have played at least two games with two party members in a turn base battle RPG Maker game, and have enjoyed them, but they still are not my...
  6. DragonRose35

    [Solved (More or Less)]

    Alright, so... this one might be a little bit complicated. And I am well-aware it may not be possible. However, I am looking to create a system inside my game where the player character can change their party when they access a crystal. Obviously, this would only count for party members that...
  7. Flaqko

    Choices in events be variables and show variable name

    Ok so im making an event that makes me choose one of my followers for a one vs one. I made the followers be variables example variable 1= party member 1 and so on. I made the npc ask who i would like to choose and to make it show choices. i want the choices 1-4 to be variable 1-4 but idk how to...
  8. Redeye

    How late is too late to introduce Party Members?

    When thinking about some game idea that was going on in my head, I realized that in order to space out my party members, some of them would have to be obtained pretty late into the game, somewhere beyond the halfway point, even. I started to wonder, is this a bad thing? When is it too late to...
  9. Trelando

    Maximum Battle Members

    Hello all, I'm here looking for your opinions! My current project, Chasing Justice, has 10 party members, with a maximum of 5 party members per battle. This means you can have from 1 - 5 people participating in a battle all at once. I do this because there will many many moments where the...
  10. Whenever i add a new party member they're invisible

    They dont have a walking sprite, face,name,skills,nothing I can still move and use them but they dont do anything, I do have face class and walk sprites so i have no clue why the problem is?
  11. Kisakii

    Hiding Reserve Party Members

    Hello! I am creating a project with several actors, and the player may choose what he wants when he go to the tavern npc. I'm using the Yanfly plugin PartySystem, and going very well. But if you chooses 3 actors I don't want that the fourth reserve party member appears in semi-transparent, I...
  12. TheTitan99

    Different party member functioning on different game rules.

    Been thinking about this, as the game I've been making has a bunch of playable characters. What are your opinions on different playable characters functioning WILDLY different from each other. Not just having different stats, but to have different rules altogether, like they're playing on a...
  13. SpunkySpaceCat

    Get party and then open door

    Me again with yet another problem. The title says it all. I know this uses a variable, and being the newb I am, I probably messed it up. I inserted another event page, yada yada. Did everything I could, and yet it doesn't work. Let me rephrase, I want to collect all the party members I need, and...
  14. wolfpak692

    Unable to have 2 Magic Users

    Update: Solved. It was the CB which was causing the issue on the event.  It was basically telling the event to do nothing if one or the other of my magic users was in the party. Deleted the problem part and redid the event.  Now it works. Not sure if this is the right place or not for this...
  15. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    Party Sort

    I need an event that, when triggered, acts as it would an ATM, but instead replace money with members in your party. If there is a specific plugin that does this, please link that specific plugin. ~AA
  16. dfox20

    Remember Party Order

    So basically what i'm doing is doing a summon common event kinda like Aeons in FFX where everyone leaves the party and gets replaced by the summon. My issue is when either the summon dies or wins and the party comes back, they are in the wrong order.(lets say i have party members 4,2,6 on the...
  17. Zombie Events

    I'm working on a project which has events (Zombies) that move around at random or directly towards the main character (MC) and party members (Followers). The Zombies are set to event touch, so they activate if they touch the MC or Followers (I have a script which treats the Followers as the MC)...
  18. Anomaly

    Party Leader Quick Swap

    Party Leader Quick Swap Version 0.10 Quickly change party leaders with the push of a single button. Features: Quickly Swap Party Leaders on the Map Lightweight Plug-n-Play Adjustable Key-Bind Screenshots: None. Download: Personal Website Credit: XPBYTE7
  19. GirlAnimePrincess

    Controlling Party-Members seperately

    I'm trying to make a game where you can split the party to deal with different puzzles, because each party member has a different ability.  Like, one member is bigger than the others, and can easily push boxes or hold heavy stuff that the others can't. What I need is a script that would let the...
  20. mxjennylennon

    Joining Party Members/Pesky Switches

    I'm working on my game, I'm currently stuck very close to the beginning. Basically, the game starts and you leave your house and go outside to see one of the actors, who joins your party just to go to the next location, meeting this other character that you fight. You get properly introduced...

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