1. lightmagician60

    RMMV Dead Actor Swap/Switch

    i've been looking and it seems nothing exists that allows you swap out dead actors. couldn't even find a reference to maybe do it my self
  2. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV Companions talking openly while adventuring plugin?

    I'd like to add a feature in my game where your companions, and even select npcs, will say things in speech bubbles without being prompted by the player. This plugin is visually ideal, however, I do not want it to pause gameplay. It's difficult to google this niche request, would anyone happen...
  3. A-kun

    Script call to remove only armor from an actor?

    I wanna be sure I have it correct; would it be something like this? $gameActors.actor(x).clearEquipments(aTypeId); I have only one type of armor, so the ID part isn't much of a hassle for me.
  4. Demi_Fiend

    Luna Engine Error

    Hey, everyone. I'm running into an recurring error with Luna Engine. Whenever I remove an individual actor from the party during battle (either with Yanfly's party script or an escape command, I get this message: Battle Luna:369:in `index': undefined method `index' for nil:NilClass...
  5. A-kun

    100% Evented Party Switch with 4+ Reserve Members, no plugins

    Hello, I'm new here, I use RMMV v1.6.2. For my game, I tried eventing a party system. Its purpose is basic, to switch actors part of the battling party out for any members "in reserve" of the player's choice. For the most part, it works, and you can see the results below: Note, I have...
  6. Qem95

    Invisible Party Members?

    For some reason in game, all of my party members apart from whoever's at the front are invisible. They're still definitely there, their face graphics appear in the menu and they appear in battle (i'm using a sideview battle system which uses their overworld spirtes), they just don't appear on...
  7. Bernkastelwitch

    How many characters do you have total in your game?

    I saw an older topic I made of me discussing on how to manage an RPG with a lot of party members so I decided to do a slightly different topic to see how others RPGs are like... If you put together all your party members, Named NPCs, antagonists & Bosses, and even Optional or Sidequest...
  8. Black Pagan

    Common Attack Function - For all Party Members

    Is there a way to make something like a Common Attack function making the default normal attack of all Party members into one single Attack command ? This is intended to make all your Characters perform a single turn of Normal attack once, on selecting "Attack" command.. I was looking for...
  9. Eliaquim

    Eli Party Map Settings - Set up some configurations according to the leader!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You can set specific configurations for the player according to the actor that is the party leader. Features You can change some configurations for the player according to the actor that is the party leader: • Move Speed • Opacity • Blend mode • Move...
  10. DigitalWF

    I don’t want to battle with 4 actors but only one or two.

    Is it possible to only use 1 or 2 actor in battle without plugins? I still want more than 4 actor in my team but I want so that only 2 actors are allowed in battle. And the rest are still in party but won’t appear in battle.
  11. RoseRainblood

    Just a couple of escape issues during battles

    Hi RPG fans! I have a couple of issues I'm trying to figure out to do with escaping during battles. I'm posting on here just in case someone knows and can help solve these issues quicker. 1) I've disabled the party menu in my game and have added "escape" as a skill that appears on the main...
  12. TheGameAfter

    Player/Party system - Resources (TGA)

    Hey game maker, I hope you doing well, one of the main RPG maker mv features including the 'Party' system where you can add more Actor to your team and give them skills/items and more, same as the Primary Actor. In this post, I bring you all the tools/plugins I found so far the can give you...
  13. Is it possible to have a "battle party" and a "adventure party"?

    Hi everyone here! I've been thinking a lot on my game and I'm trying to find a plugin/engine that allows me to have a way to manage different parties separately, hopefully on different menus and a way to "auto-swap" those parties if you are in map/battles. Like you had "adventurers" with...
  14. CardCaph

    Party/Troop-Based TP

    Hello, I have a request regarding how TP is handled. By default, it is tied to individual actors and enemies. However, I would like for these to be based on parties/troops instead. In other words, any TP accumulated by either performing actions/receiving damage or used with skills would be...
  15. More character following and fighting

    Hi, i just want to get 5 characters following and in battles i've searched everywhere and only stumbled in too old scripts or not working plugins i found this old script that could be edited in the script editor, but now it doesn't exist anymore i don't think this is a hard matter, but i'm...
  16. tale

    Kanji - Party Change in menu

    KanjiPartyChange - 3/10/20 (version 1.02) Creator name: Kanji the Grass order by Munokura fungamemake.com Overview Allows you to change party on menu screen. Note: Party Change can be found below Status command in menu screen. Feature Layout can be adjusted through plugin parameters Preview...
  17. TMS

    Party Size Considerations

    Despite several attempts, I've yet to finish an RPG Maker project, so right now I'm preparing to begin work on what might become my first game, and I'm debating with myself on how I should handle the player's party. A search of this forum shows me a number of threads asking things like, "how...
  18. Hahasea

    Single actor in main menu, but more party members in-game

    I've been told that the only way to permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game is with javascript. Would love it if someone would consider making a script. My game follows a single actor, with the...
  19. Hahasea

    How to have only 1 character in main menu, but more party members in-game?

    Is there a way that you can permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game? My game follows a single character, with the exception of a couple of parts when they get a pet follower. So while I want the...
  20. PhilsArt

    Large actors for 2 or more slots in team

    Hey RPG Maker community, searched for ages for a plugin that allows you to define an actor who take up 2 or more slots in the party. For example the default party size is set to be 4 = 4 actors will be in your team, but what if one actor, large in size, will take 2 slots in the team, which...

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