1. Nugem

    [ACE] Yanfly Party System - Reserves out of the Menu

    SOLVED: With this snippet by Yato, it will work like a charm! First of all, don't mind my lame character face arts. They're just quiclky made placeholders :D By default, when you form a party, the reserve members shows transparent in the menu. I'm using a party formation mechanic much like...
  2. shiori4me

    Party Death/Reserve-Related Condition codes help?

    I'm using What is the condition for  all party members including reserves have state 1?, all active members have state 1? (I think that's $game_party.members.all? {|mem| mem.state?(1)} but then I wouldn't know what's the difference between...
  3. Jericho Swain

    How I do make dead party members stay on the field ?

    How do I make dead party members stay on the field instead of disappearing like monsters when they die ? Im pretty sure there is a script for this but I cant seem to find it. Also I am using Galv's Animated Battlers if anyone was wondering. Thanks :D  also Yanfly core + Battle Engine
  4. Esjitu

    Trouble removing a party member

    Hello all...I bought RPG Maker VX Ace via the recent Steam discount, so I'm still new and trying to learn the ropes, but I've been reading through tutorials and trying to make something simple until I get the hang of it. I've been able to troubleshoot most of the issues I've had myself, but I...
  5. Horror Titleset requested

    Hallo everyone, I want to make a horror game with the RPG Maker VX Ace but I dont find any good titleset for interior title (like abandoned buildings, rotten school building, asylum, mansion, hospital, bloody, ...) Can anyone help me out? A good title set would by like in the PSP game of...
  6. Tripred

    Character Selection?

    Hello and thanks for reading my post  :D I want to make it so that at the start of my game a player can choose from x (starting with 2-3 then gradually add more as I make the game) amount of pre-made characters and then all of the characters, besides the one the player chooses, will be...
  7. McTone

    Have a character follow you, be in your party, but not participate in battle

    Okay, so I've been toying with this a bit. I've got a couple of scenes where NPC characters follow you around and I've been using Tsukihime's event follow script for the most part. A couple of issues arise with this script though: 1. They can't keep up with you if you dash. 2. They won't follow...
  8. Tiamat5774

    Party member recruitment

    I could use some help in creating an event.  In this case, a full party consists of 4 actors.  So how do I make an event that will allow me to swap one out and leave the live one in the new character's place? The basic idea is, I'm making a recruitment booth with 4 new characters to choose...
  9. yanfly visual battlers party location

    Hey, I'm using the yanfly visual batters script  Link: and I was wondering, how can I make it so they are facing up and are at the bottom of my screen shown...
  10. Party members cut scene

    How can I control other party members in a cutscene? Like I want the main guy to move to the left side of a monster and have the other party member be on the right side.
  11. Lock Skills for actors not in battle party.

    I'm currently working on my first project and would like to keep my battle party size to 4 members, while having 8 choices of actors in the party. Currently using Yanfly's Party System to manage my party, however I cannot seem to find a way to prevent non battling actors from using skills from...
  12. Setting up party swap and capacity

    Hey, I'm helping a friend make a game and he wants the party system to be set up like this: - Party cannot have more than 4 members - If you are at you're member limit it will bring up a message saying "you're party is full" - When you're at a campsite you can choose who you want in your party...
  13. Silent Darkness

    Party member stat inflation, low or high?

    When you guys make a game and develop the stats for party members and enemies, do you prefer to set low, basic values, or some ridiculously high, inflated values for everything? Not that it's bad if it's inflated, mind you.
  14. R-Soul

    Doubt on party and actor commands (default)

    More than a script request I have more like a doubt on how a default part of the program works. While on battle, you first watch the party command window, which is on the left while the actor stats window are on the right. After selecting "Fight", the party command window closes and a new one...
  15. mannyisonfire

    Is it possible to increase the Member #'s of the Actor's ID Variable?

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace & I'm currently working on a game that I decided make 16 characters for. 4 main & the other's are just extras/random characters (Inspired by Chrono Cross). I want to have separate dialog depending on who's the leader. I figured out how to do that, but the problem I have...
  16. Kes

    Specific actor in battle

    A thread almost on this subject was started and closed before I got a chance to ask for clarification. I want to put an event in each troop before the battle starts that enables a particular character (actor ID = 8) to perform a specific action. Essentially it calls up a common event, and...
  17. Tiamat5774

    Walking dead

    I've got a problem I don't know how to fix.  First off, let me explain that I've created a common event that makes dead characters change graphic to a coffin. Now when all 4 of the party dies, four coffins still move on the map instead of "game over".  How do I get the game over after a total...
  18. skill that adds party members?

    hi, I was wondering if there is some way you could have a skill that is one-time use but adds party members. The scenario I would like to use this in is: you are on a rescue mission to save a friend from a cell, but are caught in the act. I would (and can - I am using the yanfly engine) make it...
  19. locking party members

    I just tried posting this, with along explanation, but the post wouldn't work. Therefore ill keep this short( and copy it, just in case... :P ) anyway, i was wondering, is there a way to have a party member that cant have its skill/ equipment changed? thanks,
  20. Kazuki

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V2 Party Member Disappear

    In certain area of my level's map my party member will disappear in some areas even though I already recruited them to the party.  Whenever I enter the 2nd to 1st area my party member disappears but if I have the second party as the leader the rest of the party doesn't disappear. Also, in the...

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