1. Track how long in party?

    Is there anyway to keep track of how long a party member has been in your party and later use it in conditional branches? Say like a traitor is in the party and this is determined by whoever is the least used party member.
  2. pkessler

    Possible to create monster collection game in MV?

    I'm creating a monster collection/battle game (with a unique twist, but I don't want to share that just yet). Is this possible in RPG Maker MV? Here are the two main issues I have encountered: The main character is always the one in the battles, along with his/her team members. But in my game...
  3. Home Base/Headquarters

    Hey there. So... Let's say if you have more than four people on your team, yet only four people can fit in your party, aka enter battle. Instead of having to drag around everyone else like in Final Fantasy, I'd like to make use of a home base or a headquarters system like how Shining Force does...
  4. dotKuhn

    Unremovable character

    Sooo, I'm not sure how to do this: I want the main character to not be able to be removed from the party, I do use Yanfly Party System, but the character gets locked in the slot, regardless if I use lock or require system. I want the character to not be removed from the party, but able to...
  5. Psychronic

    Having a Conflict with Yanfly's Party system and Victors ATB system

    Hey guys I am having a conflict between Yanfly's Party system and Victor's ATB system. I can't use Yanfly's ATB system because I use Victor's battle motions plugin. In my game there's a maximum of 6 characters in a battle party, but more than 6 characters in your team (kind of like Suikoden...
  6. LydiaIsTired

    Script for party members following behind your character?

    I'm using XP but I'm most used to VX ace lite. I like the sprites and battle system on XP best (And it's what I could afford) but I'm really attached to a lot of the stuff in VXal. I figured out how to show character graphics when they speak, but I'm too scared to try and dive into the script...
  7. Finnuval

    Looking for plugin for MV

    Maybe it already exists, maybe not, if so please tell me! :D I'm looking for a plugin that allows a party follower like in the Suikoden games (I'll use suikoden as an example) : The party consists of 4 members, these are active in battle There is a 5th member-slot where a non combatant party...
  8. party member not adding? help pls

    ive been trying to add a character for the last hour n it isnt working i need help with this please im very new to this and i need this done for my english coursework
  9. captainette777

    Remove all party members?

    Hey all, I want to have an event where I want everybody in the party is removed, making the party empty, regardless of who they are. Having the event command just say "remove party member x" over and over again gets really inefficient when you have a ton of actors in your game. Is there a script...
  10. Yawgmoth

    New Actor Level = Party Average Level

    Hi all, I would like to know how to event a new actor's level to be equal to the average level of the party. Reserve members not included. I'm assuming I need to use variables which I have just started diving into so I don't have much experience with them. I'm sure this can be done lots of...
  11. Yawgmoth

    Help with My New Skill Concept...

    Hi all, So I recently been tossing around an idea for a skill that requires X number of various items to use. When used the skill would add a specific actor to the party. The concept is this would be a ritual so it would not take place in battle and you would be conjuring or creating a new life...
  12. atoms

    Switching party members in battle, how would you use it?

    I've recently been curious about the game feature of having many party members and being able to switch between them in battles, but I can't see how to make this work in an RPG Maker game. The reason I say that is because anyone way I look at it, it seems to me the player would become...
  13. koraiel

    Random Actor Assignment for Change Party Members script

    Okay I know the title can be a little confusing, but I have tried searching the net for something similar and have gotten nothing from it. So, question is: Is there a way to assign note tags to actors that allow for a random character to be assigned in that spot, similar to Yanfly's Animated...
  14. Ivan_the_Terrible

    'Cache' line 88: "NoMethod Error"

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I seem to be running into more problems as of late. I got the wild hair to go back and alter an area in my game that I had originally finished with some months ago. I added a new side quest, complete with a new playable character. When the player completes the new...
  15. Board game

    Hello i want to make a Mario party style board game with RPG maker mv but i have Some questions 1 How do i make turns for each player 2 how can i make a select how many players button 3 how to choose what player you want (from 8 available characters) 4 how do i make a dice 5 how do I make it so...
  16. Bercikovsky

    Switch Party Member Problem

    Hello! So I have a problem. I would like make Switch Party Member System similar to Chrono Trigger. You know - I have four party members and few more members(collected durning game) waiting for me in a specific place, where I can change them one for one. I tried use 'HIME_PartyManager' and...
  17. jessee_p

    Several existing plug-ins in one [MV]

    Hey guys, So I have two requests. #1 These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other, but I really want to use them. Plug in: Yanfly's Party System Purpose: 5 actors in party Plug in: Nina's Battle Formations Purpose: Preset formations and actor positioning. Each position having its...
  18. Properly selecting a random party member though d20

    (This is my first post, so please let me know if I missed something here.) (Edition is MV) I'm trying to put negative repercussions on party abilities. For this instance, random party members might be blinded by a light-based move. I have a d20, a DiceRoll variable in a DiceRoll common event...
  19. maliyana

    Using Yanfly's Party Switch as a turn

    Simply put, I want to make it so that when the player switches out a party member for another, that party member would have used up their turn. For example, I swap out Billy for Karen, Karen would have to wait till after the enemy attacks to make a move. The plugin...
  20. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Ghost followers

    Greetings, fellow bipeds. I hope I have the right forum. If not, please excuse me; I'm new here. I think I have the right one. I also tried looking for this in the forums before posting, but I couldn't find anything along the lines I was wanting. Do any of you remember the NES Dragon Warrior II...

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