1. Remove/Add all party sprites

    Hi! I would like to know how to remove every image of all my party members, not only one at a time, and then add it again all at once.
  2. TMS

    Five-Member Party

    Apparently this has already been done (having more than four actors fighting at once), but I can't figure out how to duplicate it. I found this: But it links to a script rather than a plugin download, so it seems to me that it...
  3. Adding Party Member Bug - HELP!

    SOLVED ;; I didn't actually really 'fix' the problem but I realized a much simpler solution to go with. Thanks for the help everyone! ~~~~~ To put it simply, I finally figured out how to add a new character to my party and I was really happy -- he appeared to the right of my character, and...
  4. l3m35

    Gold value based on party level

    I want: After battle, some enemies drop/left a chest, so the player can open, discard — or if any party member have a Disarm skill — find and disarm traps. It's like the first Phantasy Star (Sega Master System). I did everything and it's working, but now, the... Problem I want to give gold...
  5. KingKraken

    Script Call For Recognizing Party Members In Slots 1-4

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a solution to an specific issue that is sort of pivotal to the flow of my game. Basically, there are various missions you can go on, but the missions available sometimes depend on who's in the immediate party. The issue I'm running into, is that there are 10+...
  6. Isabella Ava

    Change Whole Party Walking Graphic?

    Hi Guys, can you help me with scripts or a plugin to: change whole Party Walking Graphic (included Actors who joined but not in main Party?) and a method to check if whole Party's Walking Graphic is === a Specified Walking Graphic Or not (like "People1", "index6") Thanks guys
  7. Isabella Ava

    Guys Please HELP T.T

    Hi there, i need help with scripts to change party leader (#1 member in party) 's walking graphic into the same walking graphic as another event/current event, plz Thanks guys @.@
  8. FishStickMystic

    Little Problem with Yanfly's Party Sized Menu Script...

    EDIT: I just realized I put this in the completely wrong forum. This is what happens when you post things at 5 AM, sleep deprived... Sorry about that... This will be the last time. :LZSteary: Hiya RPG makers! I'm having a little problem with this script and I cannot really find any help...
  9. How to have followers who don't join party?

    Hi, I'm trying to get followers without having them join the party. This: pet follower script worked well but you can only add one follower with it and i'm trying to have multiple followers.
  10. Actors/monster storage and party manager

    Hello, I'm making a monster game, with a system that is similar to Pokemon games, where you can catch monsters and leave them in a storage box or something like that. But, I've a problem. I want my game to have a base party of 6 members, where only 3 of them can fight at the same time, and then...
  11. Kes

    Force Actor position in party

    Usually when an actor joins the party, they go at the end of the line e.g. position 4. However, if I want them to go somewhere else in the line e.g. position 2, I have to go through all the bother of taking the other actors out and then adding them back in. Is there a script call which can...
  12. C.W. Plainview

    How to remove the party command window

    Okay, so I've been wanting to remove the party command window from my project. Yanfly's Battle Engine Core has the ability to skip it, but some of us want it removed outright. I've tried finding plug-ins to no avail. As I've discovered, thankfully, you don't need a plug-in. All you need to do...
  13. Hardman5509

    Script Noob needs help with custom parties

    I want the ability to pick and choose from a-many party members at any time from the pause menu, with the main character locked. (20 total) But I can't seem to find, understand or get scripts to work for me. I get it that I need to paste scripts, but often it ends up creating errors, or not...
  14. Nutty171

    [Solved] Is there a way to change the number of non-reserve party members?

    How can I change the max number of non-reserve party members? The default is four, and I want to change it to two, so that all members added to the party when there are two or more will become reserve members.
  15. CallMeKerrigan

    Keep changing formation from changing character sprite?

    I noticed that the player can change formation and make another party member the leader of the party, changing the character sprite. I was wondering if there was a way around this because it makes the cutscenes look silly where it is supposed to be the main character and another party member...
  16. amptcat

    [help] Conditional choices based on who's in party

    Okay, so i have a script that lets me bind the T key to bring up a choice menue (in common events) How i want this to function is to have conversations with the current party members, so: Press T - shows each party member Select party member - start conversation tree progress as usual. So far...
  17. Kisakii

    Hiding Reserve Party Members

    Hello! I am creating a project with several actors, and the player may choose what he wants when he go to the tavern npc. I'm using the Yanfly plugin PartySystem, and going very well. But if you chooses 3 actors I don't want that the fourth reserve party member appears in semi-transparent, I...
  18. Help me with Actors Please..

    Hey I am new to RPG Maker I guess you could say I'm a noob. And I'm working on my first game but I can't figure out how to change the number of starting party members. I went to actors in the database and right clicked on the unneeded actors and click clear but now they show up in my game as...
  19. Bayoen

    Help with character swapping (RPGM 2000)

    So, I'm sure this has been asked to exhaustion but how do I make a character swapping screen when I only have 4 max party members but have around, say, 10 total members? It's like Final Fantasy 6 where you can talk to someone to switch up your party to your liking. Again, I have seen this...
  20. Adding new variables to Game_Party? (SOLVED)

    After taking a few days to ensure that the necessary objects are working properly, I've run into problems adding a variable to Game_Party to keep a glossary of important information in RPG Maker MV. The idea is that I should be able to access the new variable via the Script command in events to...

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