1. Newquaza 96

    Get party member n°x's actor ID and store it in a variable

    In my RPG Maker MV game, certain events require the player to choose one party member to interact with something. For that reason, i have managed to make a multiple choice system that checks for the number of alive party members and gives a number of choices based on that. (if all 4 party...
  2. In a large party (+50) block Specific Actors From Being Used

    I am currently using Yanfly Party System to allow me to have multiple party members. And the reason why I have so many actors is because I am trying to have game where to the main player can organize many party members and send them into special missions. When they are in these special...
  3. jordanblake

    Npc who ask for item before to join to the party

    Hello, im wondering how to make a "simple" npc event, who ask you for some items like "gimme a sword and ill join you" and when you give him the "sword", the npc joins you,i really cant catch game variables and events still, i can imagine only the conditions. regards.
  4. Jesstful

    [Request] Modified Yanfly Party Limit Gauge

    Sorry if this is a tall order. I have had this mechanic in my head for a long time and am a really hoping to see it fully functional and working just like it does in my head. The game I'm working on has a mechanic that works similarly to Limit Break, but kind of has a unique spin that isn't...
  5. ThunderDragon32

    Actor Party Limit

    Does anyone know how to do this? I'm making a game where actors can join your party and there would be more then 4 actors total. The problem is I want a max party size of 4 actors and not the total amount..
  6. problem with a type error I am hoping an angel on here can help me with

    I am having a problem with the YEP Actor Party System. When I go to switch my party in battle it lets me do it but after I select finish it says "Type Error Undefined is not a function". I've been stuck on it for a few days. I've tried moving the pluggins around but nothing seems to work. Any...
  7. Battle Party QUestion

    Hey RPG Maker fam! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this thing I want to add to my game. I want to make it where certain battles you are forced to used different members of the party by choice (or random sometimes) and always switch the amount of party members you can use per...
  8. How to make skill only available with certain actors in party?

    I want to create a character who has skills that only become available when certain actors are in the party. For example this character has one unique skill for every actor in the party but cannot be used if they are not in the active party with him. Would this be possible and what would I have...
  9. Nerdboy

    Damage based of $ using Yanfly Lunatic Mode Skill Core

    hi im using lunatic mode for yanfly's skill core and trying to make two skills called "Payday" and "Payback".. But im doing zero damage even if i have 100,000 gold. heres the code im using give me some tips on how to fix it plz thank you. Payday <Pre-Damage Eval> dmg =...
  10. Nerdboy

    $gameParty.x(y) used in damage formula or Alternative methods plz

    hi, im trying to figure out how to use $gameParty in damage formula. but i dont think you can use it since its a script call. what im trying to do is reference party and do lots of interesting things with the damage formula, like addState(x) or addBuff(x,y) or addDebuff(x,y). but i dont know if...
  11. Looking for a Kick-Party member plugin for the menu?

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows the player to have an option in the menu to kick/remove party members from the party. The system is kind of similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Pokemon where if you don't want them anymore you can just release them. My game is a bit similar where there...
  12. wolfpak692

    Unable to have 2 Magic Users

    Update: Solved. It was the CB which was causing the issue on the event.  It was basically telling the event to do nothing if one or the other of my magic users was in the party. Deleted the problem part and redid the event.  Now it works. Not sure if this is the right place or not for this...
  13. Change Row with the Formation Menu [Yanfly's Row Formation]

    Hi all, so I'm trying to add a twist to Yanfly's Row Formation script and instead make something similar to the system in Darkest Dungeon. In a nutshell, both allies and enemies have 4 rows, and each can only be occupied by 1 character. Skills have a user requirement (must be standing in a...
  14. ovan66

    Alternative way to "usual" party members recruiting?

    Hello everyone, so, let me explain a little more my predicament... Most of the time, new party members join the party because of the history or the game progression, but i really cant think of something more dull than that... at least in my opinion it is. Wanted to think of an exciting and...
  15. TheFinalSoul

    Yanfly Party System Plugin Problem

    When I add new actors to my game, the new actor would take the leader role as well as the first slot and push the original leader into the second. I tried locking the actor but the problem still occurred when I added a new actor. I know it's the Yanfly Party System because when I took it off and...
  16. antega34

    Reserve Party Size

    Hey everyone! I'm currently trying to figure out a method to have a overall party size of 10 with 4 party members that can battle, 6 reserves, and a bunch more (34 in my case haha) that are recruited but do not tag a long with the party in a sort of storage or guild place, ala Pokemon's pc...
  17. dfox20

    Remember Party Order

    So basically what i'm doing is doing a summon common event kinda like Aeons in FFX where everyone leaves the party and gets replaced by the summon. My issue is when either the summon dies or wins and the party comes back, they are in the wrong order.(lets say i have party members 4,2,6 on the...
  18. KingKraken

    Pokemon style party system plugin?

    Hey guys I'm having trouble with some coding for a really simple plugin, I've been poking around for the correct java phrasing's but nothings working so far. So basically what I'm trying to do is set up a plugin that allows for the a select number of characters in a party as view able(lets say...
  19. Jxudo

    Whispers of Fate Announcement W/Demo (Now supports MAC)

    Update: Version 0.1.5. Is now available which also supports MAC OS X. You can download the new versions from the website. New additions include: Some updated dialogue.  A new fishing system. A new auto save system (not fully implemented). I've also hidden a "Mystic Stone" in the new...
  20. autophagy

    Highest Actor Level by Arty

    Highest Actor Level v.1.0 by Arty   Introduction I couldn't find a plugin that does this, so instead of eventing it, I decided to try and code something. The result is a little plugin that stores the highest level of the current party in a variable via plugin command. I figured that...

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