1. Jackiefly

    Check if an actor is in party

    Hi there! I'm creating a custom menu and I'm trying to push the scene of the equip menu in a way like this: $gameParty.setMenuActor($gameActors._data[1]);         SceneManager.push(Scene_Equip); The problem is, there're 4 actors in the story, but not all of them are available from the...
  2. Single Actor Party with Selectable Support Characters

    I have an issue with a game I'm working on where I want the main character to be the only real party member, but backed up by a support character. Eventually I want the player to have the ability to choose from a few different support members to fit their approach to battle. For example, one...
  3. Yanfly Party System: Change Max Battle Members in Battle

    Hi folks, I'm working on a skill that summons a meatshield character/punching bag (the game is based on argument styles and you call a literal Strawman). It's a 1 character battle system in which the char has a party of 4 and a back-up party (like Pokemon) of some large number.  The 4 person...
  4. KingKraken

    Hiding Reserve Party Members?

    Hey there, this is probably something really simple but does anyone know how to hide party members who are not part of the active party? I'm trying to replicate something similar to Pokemon using Yanflys Party System plugin as the "PC." And using that as a plugin command works exactly how I...
  5. Gabu

    FFVI Styled Party system?

    I would like to have a Party System in my game that's pretty much exactly like the party system in FFVI, where you have 4 main active party members that you travel with and the rest of the characters you've recruited into your party stay on a different map, like an Airship or a Headquarters of...
  6. Non-Party Member Support Characters

    Hello, I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask but I wasn't sure where else to ask this at. Basically my question is, what would someone need to look for if they wanted to have a one member party for their game, but wanted support characters? For an example of what I mean is kind of...
  7. Combining YEP_PartySystem, DreamX_FollowerOptions, and HIME_CustomPartyLeader to create non-combatan

    I'm looking to create a project in which my Party Leader actor leads a team of four other actors. The intent is that the party leader does not participate in battle, instead having his allies fight for him.  To do this, I've tried using the YEP_PartySystem script to increase the number of...
  8. Benja


      THERE IS NO FIRST GAME. DON'T BELIEVE IT.                                      you need not play the first game. but if you can find the first game you are welcome to play it. YOU WON'T FIND IT Welcome to the world's best party simulation game's sequel! (you don't...
  9. Mass party change based on their states/second party

    Hi there! I'm using the Yanfy party system and building a game where almost any NPC can join the party if you can convince them.  I want to be able to "collect" battlers similar to Pokemon or Destiny of an Emperor for the NES.  I have  a 1 member party with 3 back-up characters and I want to...
  10. Val

    Add new script command on Yanfly YEP_PartySystem

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone could modifiy the script of @Yanfly Master (YEP_PartySystem) to add some script command to "FORCE" position of Actor in a party? It would be really useful if we could make a plugin command to say : Force Position 1 Actor 4 - So even if the...
  11. Change specific party member class

    Hi all! I am pretty new with RPG Maker, so I've started my first small project, but I am having some issues with it. I would like to have "Class Masters" that make a member of your party to become that Class. Example: I have Eric the Soldier, Natalie the Monk and Terence the Paladin...
  12. Znikomek

    Find active party member

    Hi, i looking for a java code that show me what party member i now active. I need that to show updated stats in equip menu. Thanks for help.
  13. Party total hp check (Script)

    Hi, I looking this time somekind party hp inspector script or command what check if every party members have only 25hp or bellow or total partty hp is bellow 25hp happend someting. If i use somekind of script i found somewhere someting like this but, that/this not work...
  14. Shining Force Guild/Party System

    Is there a way to make a party member go to a specific place in the world when they leave the map and is there a way to recall them? For example, in Shining Force you could collect your members and leave them inside your castle to pick up later. I hate how in MV the party is always following...
  15. WickedHardcorg

    Easy Party Leader Change Button?

    Hello game makers! I'm actually finishing up a game this week and one of the final touches is adding some way to easily change your party leader with the press of a button! It's a basic horror puzzle type game but one of the key elements is having to interact with things with both party...
  16. Rink27

    Adjusting Battle GUI

    Is it possible to shift the party gauge bars to the very top and have the icons (with 1, 2 or 3) placed below them? I've tried setting them to appear right at the top, but I believe the icon's need to be placed above the gauges was preventing them from going higher...
  17. SenpaiK

    Adding script for jumping command?

    Hello there,  I am pretty new to RPG Maker VX ACE. I generally understand how it works, but I have never had to script anything in my life, so I have no idea how it works.  However, during the process of making my game, I decided that I wanted the party (player + followers) to cross a...
  18. Issues with YEP PartySystem and MrTS Battler_BattleUI

    Good day. I use Yanfly's BattleEngine Core and PartySystem scripts alongside Mr. Trivel's Battler_BattleUI and I'd like my game to have 5 active party members. It works just fine technically, but it looks like the picture I attached. How do I change the settings to make all 5 party members...
  19. VnC

    Check if first party member has a state?

    I was wondering if any of you have a script for conditional branch that checks if the first active battler has a state? I'm trying to make a skill that allows the healer to automatically revive the party leader as long as they have the necessary MP and TP, and then Force Action them to use...
  20. Music change on low party HP?

    Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I come to you with a question: How do I make it so that the battle music changes when the HP of the current party is at, say, 10% or lower? It should also restore itself to the normal battle theme when you heal yourself. Do I use common events, or is there a...

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