1. Dacuna

    Inevitable request for 5 party members incoming!

    I'm sure many people would like a plugin that allows more than 4 actors to appear on the menu screen and the sideview battle system, but I'm surprised one hasn't been made yet like Yanfly's Ace Core Engine in RPG Maker VX Ace. It may be harder this time around because of the sideview battle...
  2. Black Noise

    Conditional Branch: How many Party Members?

    As I'm working on my game, I basically want to implement dialogue that varies based on how many party members are present. For example, I want to rest at an inn and if my Party leader is alone, he'll say "I wish to stay for the night." But if he has at least one party member with...
  3. Black Noise

    Conditional Branch: How many Party Members?

    As I'm working on my game, I basically want to implement dialogue that varies based on how many party members are present. For example, I want to rest at an inn and if my Party leader is alone, he'll say "I wish to stay for the night." But if he has at least one party member with...
  4. LuLingqi1

    How many party members is too many?

    As the Title says, how many do you think is too many? Currently, my main cast consists of three characters, with an optional fourth. However, with how the story is being written, there is a lot of room to make other faces that appear/are set to appear, party members. Currently, there's a...
  5. Scubidubi

    Changing Character on the Map

    Hello Community! I am new to all the wonderful features of MV and wondering if anyone knows a method to cycle the leader though your party with a button press while on the map. I am thinking about the mechanic as used in BOF3. Where only a big character could push something heavy. ty the dubi
  6. LuLingqi1

    Can I get a hand?

    Hey everyone! My name's Kyler. I downloaded the trial version of MV and will most likely be buying it within the next 16 days when my trial runs out. Currently, in my game, I have created an OPTIONAL PARTY MEMBER. I haven't played an RPG featuring optional characters in such a long...

    RPGMaker MV Change Party Member Order via Event

    How can I programmatically change the order of my party members from an event, when I pick up a new party member. My party has 3 members, and instead of my new party member taking the 4th slot, I want to programatically swap him out with the second party member so that the second party member...
  8. HexMozart88

    Party size

    I was wondering what people thought in regards to party sizes in games. Do you prefer smaller parties where you have a set job for each of your characters, or do you prefer larger parties where you can easily play around with the different members to make a good combination? I ask because I was...
  9. Choosing the order in which party members attack

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is any method or script that will allow me to choose the order in which my party members attack. It gets a bit annoying having one member use "revive" while the other one heals afterwards, only to have the order switched around. Thanks!
  10. WhiteFox

    Party Cutscene

    Hey I was wondering how I would set up a cutscene with my party. Currently the contents are as followed. *Gather Followers *Change Player Followers: OFF *Control Switches ##### "party member sprite" = ON *Set Movement Route "party member" "directions blah blah blah" Text The...
  11. Rikifive

    Window Selectables - Item/Rect Size

    I'm terrible when it comes to work with default scripts and I've run into a silly trouble that apparently I can't solve. Currently I'm working on the party window that allows to select a member when using an item/skill, nothing special. The window automatically divides its height into...
  12. Mast-yami

    Buff the entire party after using a skill

    Hello, first, I hope this thread is in the appropriate section, if not, i'm really sorry. :l There's my problem: I checked on many topics to find a way to buff the entire party after using an AoE skill. Also, I checked in this...
  13. Mast-yami

    SVActor_position.js problem

    Hello, First, I hope I don't creat this topic into the wrong section, if so, I'm really sorry. =x I wanted to add 2 more characters in my party, so I checked on many threads to find a way to add them. I found a script modified by Arcmagik and I took it to install it on my project...
  14. PhoenixX92

    Battle Rows with YanFly Party System

    Edit: This is for VX Ace ---- So, I've been looking all over for some scripts to make battle rows, where I could put mages/archers in a back row to reduce incoming physical damage, but Mr. Trivel's Simple Battle Rows doesn't allow me to change rows while using YanFly's Party System...
  15. HollowMonty

    What does $date_items actually repersent?

    I've teaching myself ruby scripting since I happen to have RPG maker VX Ace. Learning how Ruby works is one thing, but learning how to manipulate in while in RPG maker is completely different. So many modulus, classes, inheriting classes, and methods that are all interconnected across it's...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Party Manager

    Name: Party Manager Version: 1.1a Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-03-28   What does it do? This plugin allows player to change their party and see which members are available to change into. It also allows to set a specific party member amount or specific party members to be...
  17. Tsukihime

    Menu Command Manager

    In RPG Maker, you have access to a number of commands in the menu.You can also disable some of them using events, such as the save command, or the formation command.From the System database, you can choose which commands you want to hide or show in the menu.However, these may not be enough for...
  18. emilywake


    Is there a way to make characters appear in party after a certain event rather than at the beginning of the game?
  19. How to deposit characters (MV Mac)

    I know that the title sounds a bit weird. So if my max amount of characters that can follow you is 4 and somewhere there is a new character that you can unlock (Lets say it's a person named  Greg) So the max amount of characters in the party is 4, and if get Greg, there will be 5 in the party...
  20. Removing/adding party members (nearly all) with script?

    Hi, what i am trying to do is to remove a Party Member, though not a specific actor, instead the "formation-position" onward. For example: Edited out: Edit: So far i have found out i can use an event to store the Actor id inside of a variable. What i am trying right now...

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