1. Event move route jumping issue

    Hello, I'm having some difficulty setting jumping behavior for a event's move route. It is a character who mostly proceeds towards the player, but occasionally jumps in a particular specified direction. I have the "Skip if cannot move" checkbox enabled, and this seems to work fine for all of...
  2. Conflict between scripts

    Hi guys. I'm having a problem with two scripts. One is "TILE PASSABILITY BY: NEON BLACK" an the other is "In-Depth Maps v2.1 by FenixFyreX". To sum it up, if I put the two scripts in my project, in any order, the "In-Depth Maps" script doesn't work, It blocks the player in the region...

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I just hope I get to see the Mario movie while I'm in Fort Myers next week. I'm super hyped! Anyone else planning to see it when it comes out?
Brace yourself. We are approaching that time of the year again.
I once said, "I definitely want to be done with this project before my 40th birthday." At the time, I was about 50% done with the project.

With under 365 days to go now, I'm about ... 30% done.

What a sweet, innocent fool I was.
can anyone tell me how to edit my pfp it isn't obvious and I'm new here
Damn, took a chance on a paid MV plugin working with MZ (FOSSIL) but didn't work :p Been lucky up until now so I got cocky!

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