1. ovate

    Trb - Tile Passability Visualization (for Playtest)

    VisualizationPassable - 2016/10/24 (ver. 1.01) Creator name: Trb Overview For Playtest purpose / Tile passability visualization When this plugin is on, a red filter means impassable on the map. Feel free to check for tile passability errors during Playtest. Press ctrl key to show / hide...
  2. Poupouille

    [PROBLEM] An NPC can't pass an event!

    Hello everybody, I use the plugin YEP_CoreEngine to allow me to enlarge the game window size. But for some reasons, I would like to disable it. Except that if I disable YEP_CoreEngine, I have a strange bug that appears :dizzy: : When an NPC wants to move, and there is an invisible event...
  3. Shineypawn

    RMMV Pass and create - monsters are people too

    I have been using the rpg maker program since I was 11 years old - In the last 18 years I've been creating games on occasion, but never really finishing anything. Always starting games, but never finishing them. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this Also, i've tried to cooperate with people...
  4. Poupouille

    Pass an event under another event, but pass the character on this event

    Hello everybody! Is it possible to pass an event under another event, but pass the character on this event. I searched by all means, but impossible. Maybe it's possible with a possible plugin?
  5. Pass first character's moving frame

    Hi, i just wanna pass my "character moving graphic's" first frame in moving loop deneme.png is my character graphic Can u tell me how can i do (sorry for bad english) Ty
  6. Cricketfoot

    Make Impassable Tile Passable

    I'm looking to make a single roof tile passable. I'd like the player to go behind a building to find a secret entrance to a building and have one tile of the roof be passable and transfer the player. Any idea how to do that? I know I can make a special tile on a new sprite set and use that as...

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