1. OcRam

    OcRam MZ -plugins

    Introduction This is the main thread for all of OcRam RMMZ -plugins! Terms of Use: Click here OcRam_Core is required by all other OcRam (MZ) -plugins. Purpose of this plugin is to keep code base minimal, optimize memory - and CPU usage. [NEW] OcRam_Events allows you to streamline your...
  2. tale

    Trb - Tile Passability Visualization (for Playtest)

    VisualizationPassable - 2016/10/24 (ver. 1.01) Creator name: Trb Overview For Playtest purpose / Tile passability visualization When this plugin is on, a red filter means impassable on the map. Feel free to check for tile passability errors during Playtest. Press ctrl key to show / hide...
  3. Animebryan

    Need events to pass through other events

    I need events to pass over other events. I have some events that chase the player using YEP Event Chase Player that have their Priority set to Same as Player & a bunch of collectable events around the map set to Below the Player, but the chasing events can't pass over the collectable events. I...
  4. Lei-Ray

    Plugin Request: Underpass Tile Plugin (Reversed Version of KDKW's Overpass.js)

    [I have searched the JavaScript Releases forum as well as other posts in RPG maker forums, it seems that all existing posts I have found are not talking about the exact same thing as I want] Hello guys, thank you for clicking in and check this thread out! I'm making my 1st game and...
  5. Zino97

    Problem with the fall through setting in events

    Hi there so basicly i have a Event called butterfly it does nothing but looking nice and fly arround i set a moving route, above player, and the fall trough setting on so the butterfly won´t stuck colliding on other events or invisible ones so that they can fly through other npcs and stuff...
  6. Josephkhland

    Toggling Passage of Tiles with a specific Region ID, based on a Switch

    I have been trying to make a spell which summons a small familiar that you can move around the map. For achieving that I am making an actor with the name "Familiar" appear in front of the Player, before taking control of it and roaming around the world. When I want to cancel the spell I just...
  7. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events?

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events? I want to make certain characters be able to "fly" and therefore negate any (x) tile setting and hazard. I'm also trying to create characters that can climb, which will only negate some of the (x) tiles. Is there an easy way to do this...
  8. Parallax Panda

    Don't want B/E-tiles to overwrite passability

    Like the title says. I know it's how the engine works by default, and it's one of the huge drawbacks with mapping in the engine. But there must be a way around this problem where a passable B/E tile placed on top of say, the edge of a cliff, will make that entire tile passable. I want to rely...
  9. OcRam

    Passability bug?

    Hello and thanks for reading this. I have no plugins in this project at all. Just fresh project. If I place passable tile (o) at the edge of cliff it will allow to pass over the cliff both ways. Is this ment to be this way? I was wondering if any one else have this kind of problem? Thank you...
  10. Koi

    Impassible tilesets suddenly don't work

    I'm so confused, this has never happened before, but one of my tilesets stopped working properly, and just this one. So as you can see those dark walls of thorns are impassible. Also a long time ago Shaz made a script for me called Region Common Events where I have the 4th common event cause...
  11. CynicSyndrome

    Need Help With Passabillity

    Hello folks, I have seen these in the Script Call List: $game_map.passable?(X, Y, D) $game_player.passable?(x, y, d) $[event_id].passable?(x, y, d) But I don't think any of these is what I need. I have been experimenting with these since last night and I think my problem is that...
  12. DragonVine

    Pass Under Tiles via Regions

    Hi folks, I'd like to request a plugin that I think the community would find helpful. I hope someone would be able to make a plugin that allows someone to walk under walls, and other tiles. It can function as a secret passage plugin. It can also allow people to walk behind buildings (which is a...
  13. Verdelite

    Tileset Passability Questions

    Hello, I recently discovered that there were some passabillity problems on my maps, specifically that the player is able to pass through cliffs. I tracked the problem and it seems that whenever I put a passable tile on top of the cliff's edge, it will become passable from all directions...
  14. Ally

    Question/Passability problem

    Hello to all... I was doing tests on my project and I have encountered this problem and I can not solve... e settings I used in tilesets, are these: As you can see from the screen, the passability are not right: But, in the first plant, the passability is correct: O_________O...
  15. King Bowser

    Can't pass under Star-marked tiles

    Hi, For some reason, when I put a star on my tiles, they behave as if they were "X" tiles and do not allow my character to pass under them. I have no idea how this happened. How can I fix this so my maps will work? Thanks.
  16. Feli

    Passability Plugin problem

    I have a problem with this plugin. It does the same thing as the Orange Regions plugin, but adds the function of passing tiles back, according to the region ID. The problem is that when you use it, the character does not go back but above, as you can see in the attached image. The locking and...
  17. Ally

    Passability problem

    Hi guys, Sorry for my stupid question.... I have a problem with some passability: I had solved with the variables, but not exist another possibility?
  18. gvduck10

    Change tile passability with event

    I seem to recall being able to do this before, but maybe I am wrong. What I want to do is have an Event where the character learns how to "walk over water", and then have the tiles change to passable instead of the default impassable. Would be a TON easier than having to set up a ton of events...
  19. Aureus

    Is there like "one-sided passable tile" option?

    Hi guys! I tried to make the player's character taller in Gimp and it went ok, however I failed the interaction with nearby surroundings. I've shown the examples on the attached picture. Basically I know how it works - a terrain marked with a star wants to be "above" the character and this...
  20. Bed Event Help

    Hey everyone! Brand new to the engine and the community, and I am currently working on my very first project. I designed a very simple bed event to allow the player to sleep and rest within their bedroom, but I have run into a bit of a problem. Simply put, the player cannot walk onto the bed...

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