1. Directionally impassable to passable tiles and vice versa

    Hello! I'm having some trouble making a porch. I'd like a player to be able to walk onto it via stairs, but I'd like them to be unable to walk off of it except by the same stairs. No falling off of porches. I don't want to make the tiles bordering the porch to be impassable except when bumped...
  2. Shineypawn

    RMMV Pass and create - monsters are people too

    I have been using the rpg maker program since I was 11 years old - In the last 18 years I've been creating games on occasion, but never really finishing anything. Always starting games, but never finishing them. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this Also, i've tried to cooperate with people...
  3. Percid

    I can't go up the stair! They were fully functional!

    I am working on this game, I am having so much fun. Finally, I had learned how events work and such. The problem is, when I started playtesting, I get stuck! The tile is the dirt stairs from the basic engine. It's horrible and it makes little sense, since I have to walk up the same stairs...
  4. ninclemdo

    Modern Day Tileset Collision

    I'm working on my first project and I bought the Modern Day DLC tileset and even though I turned off the collision, it still will let me walk through things. However, I can only enter from the bottom. D:<
  5. LeoHalliwell

    Passable tile issue

    So here's the issue that I am having. I'm inside my main character's home, and as you can see, I'm trying to make him a bath. But even though  I have the tile in "A" set to "O" I still can't walk on it. The first tile in "B" is set to a star, and I tried setting that one to "O" but then I can...
  6. KitsuneKokuen

    Help Passing behind buildings.

    I've built a map that's a modern city and one thing that I find unacceptable is that I can't find a way to have the character pass behind tiles that should be in the air, such as the top half of a sky scraper. I've looked through various forums and search results and haven't been able to get any...
  7. dahilig007

    [RMVXAce] Cell bars "☆ Icon" and "X icon"

    Software: RPG Maker VX Ace I was making an RPG, when suddenly I encountered a problem involving ☆ and X icons (Passable tileset). I was wondering when you go near a cell bar.. from outside the bars you should look like this right? Screenshot from outside the bars(behind): It was fine...

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