1. OcRam

    OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin uses region IDs to determine a player 'floor level'. Even autotiles can be drawn ABOVE players (if player is on lower ground). I have tried to find this type of plugin for a long time, then decided to code one my self. I know you can use different tilesets or events to...
  2. Tileset help

    Ive been working on a map for quite a while, and now for some reason when i import a tileset it has every tile set to the circle, i dont feel like clicking everysingle tile, so i was wondering if you could like select all? or like put a x on all? #im a /noob
  3. Tileset: Passages Reassignment

    Hi all,  When I create a new Tileset in RM VX Ace, is there a quick way to assign the Passages? say, to be identical to how it is set in another Tileset because you've used the same file.   It seems silly that when I want to create a few different Interior Tilesets and am re-using a file...

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