passive states

  1. When "end of turn" is flagged

    Hi there. I have a few passive states added to items that are doing a few annoying things, and it seems like it would be fixed if I could just move the "end of turn" flag around. For example, there's robes that give a character +Magic Damage for the first three turns of battle. In the state's...
  2. RMMZ Passive Sate Help

    Hey I just tried Yanflys passive state plugin for MZ (link: and cant seem to get it to work. I am trying to make it so when a party member has 0 MP (changed the name to 'Sanity' if that matters) they gain the 'Insane' state. In the character...
  3. KrimsonKatt

    How to make skills have extra effects when the target is inflicted with a certain state

    Hello. So right now in my game I have certain skills that have special effects when used against certain enemies. The first example is undead enemies, which I've marked as such with a passive state using Yanfly's passive states plugin. I have two skills called "Smite" and "Purge" which are...
  4. Zakarijazh

    Passive states using Visustella Plugin

    How do we go about creating passive states with the new Visustella plugins? Does it function the same as the YEP plugin for MV? Because a lot of stuff seems to use the exact notetags?
  5. captainproton

    Add specific item upon kill?

    Sadly, i get very confused when altering code beyond a couple of numbers.... One of my characters, Enoch, is a necromancer with a summon skill using an item called Necroplasm as a skill cost. I was wanting to equip him with a passive "Harvest" state that allows him to automatically add...
  6. ButtAlien

    Boosting HP based on DEF and MDF

    I've created a state (active at level 35) that boosts the characters HP based on their Def and Mdf. Currently it does increase the HP by the expected amount, but there are two issues that I don't understand. 1. The character's current HP doesn't completely fill the new max hp. Without the...
  7. Zerothedarklord

    Yanfly state/buff plugin assistance

    I found a piece of code I modified in order to use for Weapon Enchantment effects. (Yanfly's state/buff plugin can be found here: The following is for my Fire weapon enchantment: This enchantment deals 75% of the initial hit's damage. It...
  8. RetroBoy

    TP Gain Tags [Passive State(s)]

    Hello, I would like a plugin that allows me to set a type to a class, for example: <Power> And set the same on a Skill in the Note Box. Then, if the Actor (or Enemy) uses a Skill of the coresponding note (in this example: <Power>) they raise their TP by 1 or 2 (being able to set the number...
  9. Auto Passive States : why use a plugin when we can do it in the game ?

    Hello, I try to understand game mechanics : I don't understand the difference between this plugin : And adding a state to a player with the game For example, if I want a skill to give a passive state to a character : +10% evasion rate...
  10. Sgt.Dude

    Creating a conditional passive with Yanfly's Auto passive states plugin

    I'm currently trying to create a passive where when the party is outnumbered by the enemies in a fight, a certain actor gets a power boost ( Something along the lines of boosting the attack and defense stats for example). Problem is, I'm a total noob at this and I don't understand anything about...
  11. RetroBoy

    Variable States?

    I am sorry for flooding the board with questions, but trying to learn and (more importantly) stat out the system/engine I have charted out over the last few months on and off. This is another Yanfly Passive States question, Is it possible to have a state afflict an actor differently...
  12. Animebryan

    Need Plugins for Auto-Potion, Auto-Phoenix & Auto-Med

    I need a set of plugins to produce the effects of 'Auto-Potion', 'Auto-Phoenix' & 'Auto-Med'. For those of you who don't play Final Fantasy X or aren't familiar with these abilities, I'll explain: Auto-Potion: When this 'State/Skill/Passive Ability' is possessed by a character & they are...
  13. C.W. Plainview

    Request for small (hopefully) fix for Skill Equip add-on script

    I am using Yami's Skill Equip ( and Engr. Adiktuzmiko's Passive States Add-on ( Both scripts work fantastic! However, I have come across...
  14. S.Court

    Passive states equipment system

    Hello, I have a script request and it'd be great if someone could help me with that, I want a new option in the menu  to equip new states (it'd be via items or armors but I want them in a new option) the window will look like that The blue and white circles would be the used and unused slots...
  15. Oriceles

    [Solved] (Yami Skill Equip): Script call to check for equipped skill?

    I'm trying to achieve Passive Skills with Yami Skill Equip, and Skill Equip Limitation, but instead of using a Yanfly Passive States or Neon Black Passive Skills as many people has tried, I want to go with a common event running on parallel with a conditional branch that will check if actor #...

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