1. atoms

    Prevent Sealing Of Skill If Passive Skill Is Equipped When Silent

    I'm making a game with a lot of skills and classes, I was wondering if there was a way to create a passive skill on let's say a Healer class, so if that passive skill is equip then it would prevent sealing Healing, Restore and Revive skills as examples. I am using many of Yanfly's Plugins...
  2. Conditional State if User Evade

    Hello, I'm using plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and Sate, Skill Core etc....) I want to know how i can do a passive state where it react if the user do an evasion. For exemple, if my character evade from a skill, i want him to win a buff or a state. Is there a formule for my passive...
  3. DragonRose35

    [Solved~!] Passive Leech Health Skill

    *copies & pastes information* Another skill is something called "Soul Eater" and what I hope to do for this one that I have no idea how to accomplish, is for the user to heal 50% of their health on kill of an enemy. But in truth, I would like to figure out how to make this a passive ability...
  4. nakina

    How do I use the player's current class as a condition (Yanfly's auto passive states)

    To clarify a bit more, I'm using yanfly's auto passive states plugin and I want to add a custom requirement based on the player's current class. For example, I'm making a berserk state that triggers when you reach max tp but only when you are using the berserker class. This is the code I'm...
  5. AdamSakuru

    YEP Auto Passive States [short 'lag spikes']

    Plugin Link: I'd like to make use of Auto-Passive States for certain things in my game project, but I have a lot of stuff going on in my battles visually/with eventing. I think this, coupled with the amount of plugins I'm using, has all...
  6. Soryuju

    Passive Ability System

    I'd like to implement a system in my game for assigning actors passive abilities which you acquire over the course of the game (equip/unequip passives at will via the main menu). Ideally, I'd like each passive ability to cost a certain amount of points (the amount would vary by ability) with...
  7. Help with Yanfly Passive Skills and Equip Battle Skills

    Here I am again, with another difficult request! (I think) My problem is that: I want only passives to be "equipable", but I really don't know how. I don't want to end up with characters with a million passives! If someone with greater knowledge of Yanfly's plugins, I'd be very thankful.
  8. Nerdboy

    Help me figure out yanfly auto passive states (auto cast a skill)

    Hi, i tried looking for a plugin that allows you to auto cast a skill when your turn is up, and i figured it be best used with yanfly's auto passive states. thing is im not sure how to allow a passive state to auto cast a skill if you know the passive state? seems kinda tricky for me to figure...
  9. Sgt.Dude

    Creating a conditional passive with Yanfly's Auto passive states plugin

    I'm currently trying to create a passive where when the party is outnumbered by the enemies in a fight, a certain actor gets a power boost ( Something along the lines of boosting the attack and defense stats for example). Problem is, I'm a total noob at this and I don't understand anything about...
  10. Psycoris

    Trait or passive plugin help

    Details of the project: Flow of the program: Question one do I need to detect a new game vs load game or does RPG make make instances of the data automatically, or do I have to define a way to "preserve the data"? I need to run through the the classes and read the note tags store...
  11. Broken_squirrel

    Passive Battle Camera Movement

    Hello Everyone, When the player is in battle the Camera is static. Using Yanfly's plugins you can have a more dynamic camera that zooms and pans while characters are performing actions. Is there a way to use Yanfly's Action sequence packs to invoke a passive camera movement? For example, the...
  12. KentaYoui

    YEP Auto Passive States and YEP Life Steal percentage

    Bonsoir! I'm stuck again due to my lacking JS skills... I'm using YEP's Auto passive State and YEP's Life Steal Plugins. So I'm trying to add "Life Drain" (state) to the game. It should work like this: Weapon21 should enable the ability to apply Life Drain on each hit the actor does...
  13. How to make an attack that triggers a weather event in battle to last x turns?

    So, there's an attack I have in mind where swords fall from the sky for 3 turns. However, after the character uses this sword skill, he can freely use other skills or moves while this effect is in place. This isn't Jump from FF, or Solarbeam from pokemon, or an attack that the character repeats...
  14. TheMasterFighter

    Yanfly Passive State only in battle?

    Regarding the Auto Passive States plugin from Yanfly; how can I make states apply only in battle (like a HP/MP regen that doesn't restore HP/MP by walking around the map). I'm sure it's a simple javascript line or two, but it's not my forte... Thanks in advance!
  15. LightningLord2

    Psychic Polymorph - copy an actor's base stats

    In my RPG, I thought up a rather unique signature skill for Theta, the psychic user - by default, her stats are as low as can be, but in battle, this unique skill - Psychic Polymorph - allows her to copy the base stats (that is, without equipment) of the party leader (or the second party member...
  16. yanfly's auto passive states and equip skills plugin

    I'm using both of Yanfly's plugins, "auto passive states" and "equip battle skills" there's other ones i'm using, but they're not that important. The problem is, even when the passive is not equipped, it is in effect. (The actor knows the skill, it's just not equipped.) I don't know how...
  17. Additional attack

    I want to make a passive skill where when I use the normal attack option, I attack twice. If it matters i'm using yanfly's equip battle skills.
  18. Emperor DragonBreath

    Support Abilities

    It means just as it sounds. For my game, I will need to implement support abilities, basically passive skills that you can equip and unequip at will, as long as those support abilities don't exceed your load, or ability limit. Anyone who has played the Bravely games should know what I'm talking...
  19. vectorinox

    Passive effect from key item?

    Hello, Is there a way for an item to change the party parameters, or game variables just by having it in the inventory? Eg 1) The party found a cursed artifact, all party members get -1 luck until they can get rid of it.      2) The party found a powerstone, all party members get +1...
  20. Lecode

    Side Effects Control

    Version History Version 1.0 /* # - 0.0 : Bêta # - 1.0 : Initial release # : Deep code reorganization # : News occasions: "after this skill invoked" # "after this attack invoked" # "after this item invoked" # : Occasions can be fusioned: <leffect: x,y,z> # : Effects can be read...

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