path finding

  1. KillerGin

    Smart Pathfinding, event flee from player

    Hello all! I was wondering if someone could create a smart path finding script that worked to have an event actively flee the player! This would work well with my randomly spawning "treasure goblins" (a la Diablo 3)!  So basically how it works is that I would randomly spawn a "treasure goblin"...
  2. Near Fantastica's Path Finder v1 for RPG Maker VX Ace

    I feel really stupid for asking this, since I can't find the answer anywhere, but what exactly do you do for this script. I have it in the Material thing, but I don't know what to put in for the Script event. I am completely new to Scripts and trying to learn how to use them, so please have...
  3. JabberWonky

    Near Fantastica's Path Finder v1 for RPG Maker VX

    Just what I need! Thanks!

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