1. Help! Pathfinding doesn't work

    Hi, I try to make my npc move from random location to a certain location after the player makes a certain choice. However, I can't seem to find it working out. I tried using:" this.moveStraight(this.findDirectionTo(X, Y)); ", but it did nothing. Or sometimes it makes the npc run off only 1 tile...
  2. Chalk

    Common Events for Map-Based/Grid-Based/Tactical Battle

    Hello RPG Makies, hope you're all having a nice day. This thread is a series of questions for making an on-map battle system using mostly common events, with small, beginner-level scripting recommendations being encouraged. The main focus of the questions are around how much an everyday...
  3. Guardinthena

    Immersive Pathfinding vs Cutscene Cycle

    So I have a difficult decision to decide upon for my game in representing an immersive flow of villager life, and that mechanic comes down to whether or not I should get involved in pathfinding or link villager events to a common event 'cutscene cycle,' where when a certain time rolls around, a...
  4.  Masked 

    Schach - Pathfinding

    Schach - Pathfinding | v1.0.0 | by Masked Introduction This plugin provides implementations of shortest path algorithms that can be used directly with game characters on the map or on generic graph structures. The image on the top of the topic is from the original paper of the Rectangle...
  5. Help with Pathfinding

    Hey everyone, I'm having a heck of a time with the AI of my enemies. I have a simple ARPG format, and I want the enemies to follow the player to attack. This works mediocre at best with "move towards player" from movement route. I have the smartPath plugin AND Galvs Event Detectors, they both us...
  6. Pathfinding

    Greetings, I am using Altimits pixel movement( ) which is the best pixel movement plugin for my project. However all of the pathfinding plugins(tried all plugins which are in master plugin list and they...
  7. Advice for a novice about a pathfinding AI.

    I want to implement a feature or script for events (NPCs) that will allow them to locate other events and make their way too them. As an example a cow leaves a barn to graze at a certain time, but if a monster appears it will head to the nearest barn and goes inside. Or an NPC has a hunger...
  8. Guard AI Script 'SneakPL'

    Hi all,   This script is made to: -give guards a simple AI, -give guards a line of sight, -enable them to follow you, -enable them to look for you   In this script you can: -hide behind obstacles to avoid detection -hide inside objects to avoid detection (like the vase) -kill...
  9. orzlab

    Prevent player pathfinding around moving events

    So I've been doing some work using the mouse/touch capabilities of MV lately and I've come up against a problem I can't seem to figure out. The Situation: An event (Priority: Same as characters) with an 'On event touch' trigger is moving generally towards the player (i.e. not 'Move towards...
  10. KillerGin

    Javascript Plugin Resource Request

    Hello All, I am new to RPG Maker MV, I am not sure if there is exactly where I can request new Javascript Plugins (if its not I apologize, please provide the link) but here I go.  I am looking for two Plugins: 1) Makes the target actively flee the player (Think treasure goblins in Diablo 3)...
  11. Geoff Moore

    MV pathfinding issue

    I found an issue with the pathfinding in the example game on the preorder page: If you place your character roughly where I have in this screenshot: Clicking on the ticked tile the pathfinding works, clicking on the...
  12. AwesomeCool

    Guide on how to prevent a player from blocking npc paths

    This tutorial is made to help get rid of the problem of players being able to block paths of npcs (which causes npcs to just stand there). Note: This guide assumes you have some experience with VX Ace For this tutorial you will need two script snippets and one script...
  13. AwesomeCool

    npc moving while player is on another map

    I have been pondering this idea for a while and can't quite figure out a way to execute it. The idea being npcs moving to different locations while the player is in another map. (good for harvest moon style games) I can get npcs to save there locations when the player changes maps and goes...
  14. AwesomeCool

    Efficient pixel based pathfinding.

    I was curious if any of you guys have any ideas for efficient pixel based pathfinding.  Currently I am converting the screen to 32x32 squares (anything smaller causes massive lag). Secondly I apply a A* algorithm to the squares, before I turn the tiles back into pixels. Finally I check the last...
  15. TheoAllen

    Theo - Pathfinding and Event Chase Player

    Pathfinding and Event Chase Player Version 1.0b Type : Field script Introduction This script simply for determine the shortest path from started from a character position to target coordinate. Features : Determine the shortest path Chase the player in smarter way Video Preview Download...
  16. CodeEmpress

    Copies someone move route

    Could someone help me? (I am new to rgss3) Well what I need is a script that copies the movement or a certain event. Example: Given we have two points A and B then Event 1 and 2 Let us say Event 1 found a path starting from A and B. Then I want Event 2 to copy that path. What I wanna do is...
  17. Kes

    Pathfinding problem with Shaz Mouse System

    Started separately from the main thread, at the request of Shaz. The basic issue is that on some (not all) maps, it is necessary to click to the left of the position/NPC that you want. Points checked: this isn't related to scrolling of a parallax map.  The one I originally referred to was a...
  18. Problem with Pathfinding Script

    I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, if not, I apologize. I am using ForeverZer0's Advanced Pathfinding script, and am having a few problems. I am trying to make an extension to it that allows for setting "waypoints". For example, I can specify three points, and the...

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