1. Tier in ******* & Itch Package

    I've checked ******* tier, and I find some wording a bit vague to my understanding 1$ gives you Access all regular patron releases- -- including the entire archive 5$ gives you New expansion packs as I release them! 10$ gives you Alpha/Beta access Access to all new releases as I release them...
  2. Uzuki

    Which Would You Prefer To Support A Game: Crowdfunding or *******?

    So I'm getting closer to getting a Beta of my game up and now would be a good time to start looking into some crowdfunding options to cover some more expensive things for my game. So I have two options to go with: Kickstarter and *******. On the one hand, Kickstarter will allow me to get all the...
  3. Powerise

    ******* for Fan games

    Hi everyone, I want to ask a topic. I plan to make a crossover game from other famous game characters such as pikachu, digimon characters, chocobo and others. The marerial used is made by myself or I hire someone else to make some sprites, music and scripts. If this game is finished, I will not...
  4. mcoorlim

    Start a new ******* or incorporate into my old one?

    I'm spending more and more time devoted to my game dev "hobby" and I figured I might as well try to see if I can get it to pay for itself through *******. As it is, however, I already have one for the books I write and the podcasts I produce. My first impulse was to just add game development as...
  5. JtheDuelist

    About *******

    I hear a lot of people say good things about *******, and almost every video about the topic on YT says you should start one as soon as possible. My question is "Should I?". I can't work a full time or even a part time job due to disability, so I usually can't fund myself for better hardware and...
  6. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Kickstarter, *******, and seeking financial help.

    Hope this doesn't class as a double post, I'm gonna be so annoyed if I get the blue words of death lol. Anyway, this is sort of a follow up question from my previous commercial post since I thought it would be better to separate the questions. So in terms of cost, my game isn't going to be...
  7. CleanWater

    Help - ******* Veteran Users

    Hi there! I decided to start a campaign on *******. But I don't know how this crowdfunding platform works. I have two questions for ******* veteran users: How the pledges are charged from patrons? I set mine for each creation, but I'm a bit confused with this. I decided to give Steam Keys of...
  8. LightDiviner


    I'm wanting to have a ******* running so people who support my games can support me, helping me get better resources, encourage me to make games faster, and all in all just allow making games to be my main job. I already have the whole thing made, but I'm not sure how to spread it around so...
  9. PedroVGM

    How can I sell my game?

    Hey there community. I was wondering, what can I do if I just finished a game (but reality is that it has yet to be finished)? Let's say that I already did my stuff and have the game already, what should I do if I want to sell it on a website such as kickstarter, google play or similar websites...
  10. Commercial or not

    Hello everybody, I have a straight question, to a rather complex sistuation. I read quite some stuff about commercial and non-commercial games, and if I understand it right, as long as the game is intended to earn money - even if it fails to do so in the end - it is commercial... BUT...

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