1. Synchromystic

    Pause music in MZ when not in focus?

    I've found posts that addressed this problem for previous editions of RPG Maker, but is there a plugin for MZ that will pause the game's audio when the game's window is not currently active? Some of my game ideas absolutely require that the audio stays in sync with the visual aspects / event...
  2. How to remove things from the pause menu?

    I'm brand new to this, but am I also stupid? I keep seeing that there should be checkboxes in Database > System to determine what shows up in the pause menu, but I don't see it anywhere.
  3. m1y4mura

    RMMV Freeze map with custom menu

    I've created a custom menu using common events, but I'm facing some problems. I'm using Community Lighting to create a night cycle and the tint changes on the screen are visible even though the game should be paused. Also, my main character has idle animations, so she keeps moving while the menu...
  4. Dwesper

    Do you think coffee should heal HP or MP?

    Hi, Dwesper here. I am just starting a discussion about weither coffee should heal HP or MP in a modern RPG game. Like in Persona in exemple or other stuff. The discussion is up to evolve in other aspect, like let say if the type of coffee can change the benefits in game or have even a buff...
  5. FG7

    FG7 - Easy Pause Screen

    Easy Pause Screen By: FamilyGamer7 Introduction Features Screenshots Script How to Use Terms of Use
  6. Eliaquim

    Eli Pause Game - Works like the old retro games!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • This is a simple plugin that adds a pause scene with a background image of your choice when you press a button on Scene_Map. Features • Pause the game by pressing a button when you are at the scene map(This also stops the $gameSystem.playTime()). • Choose...
  7. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Temporarily Pause Specific Scene_Map.children?

    This might be a stupid question... I apologize in advance. This is what my Scene_Map.children (Scene_Manager._scene.children) currently looks like: My question is- is there any way to temporarily pause all event / player activity on array items Spriteset_Map, Sprite, Window_MapName...
  8. Leon_Artmann

    Pause Parallel Event Processing/Movement

    Hello! I searched a lot but could not find a plugin that PAUSES event processing. Can it be done at all? The idea is to have a plugin command that pauses any parallel events in the background, and then another command to resume everything. Personally I need it to pause event movement. I know...
  9. ovate

    mo-to - Item Destruction Rate, Scrolling Text Pause

    Item Destruction Rate - 2015-10-27 (basic ver) 1.01 Creator name: mo-to Overview Set consumption rate of consumable item. How-to In the database for item when Consumable is set to "Yes". Put <destructRate: n> in the Note box. n can be 1 to 99 for probability. Example) If you put...
  10. ovate

    mo-to - Item Destruction Rate, Scrolling Text Pause

    Item Destruction Rate - 2012-03-26 (Ver.1.11) Creator name: mo-to Overview You can create items that are used with probability. If percentage kicks in, subtract the quantity of that item by 1. You can keep using the same item without losing quantity until % happens. How-to In the item's Note...
  11. Script call or plugin that simulates game pause and blur when you open the main menu

    I'm looking for a script call or plugin that does not open the main menu, but simulates the game pausing and blurring when you open the main menu. When I pause the game to open the main menu, I want the game to stay paused and blurred when I use an item from the item menu that runs a common...
  12. Chef

    Is it possible to freeze all events like autorun freezes the player?

    Hello, I made a custom common event menu when esc is pressed, it is parallel and the player doesn't move, which is good. But the question is: How can I get the events to freeze? Thanks in advance!
  13. The007who

    Message Pause Cursor for VX ACE

    Hey all! I saw this thread for MV made by HimeWorks https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/message-pause-cursor.52984/ I was just thinking if someone could make one for VX ACE to add to my project. :) EDIT: Well the option that I would need is to position the pause icon at the ending...
  14. rpghexe

    Removing saveing from menu.

    Hi, so in the game in creating I have added an actual object in the game that serves as a save point, that the player can use to access the save menu from. Because of this, I want to remove the option to save from the menu, aka the pause menu, because two ways to save just seems a bit overkill...
  15. AdamSakuru

    [PAID COMMISSION] After Images + Freeze SV Battler Sprites

    Edit: This is now a commission, rather than a request. If anyone is interested in taking this on, we can discuss what you think would be fair for pay! I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin, Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins and his Animated Sideview Enemy Battlers plugin. I've got a lot...
  16. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Make Game Pause When Text Box Is Shown

    The title explains it all. In my game foes appear on the over world as events that move around. On the over world when you talk to an NPC the enemy's still move. I want the game to pause when text appears then when the text goes away the game and the enemy's unpause. Is there a script for...
  17. Indsh

    Pause game

    So I am creating a game which has an ABS. When things are ''Calm" you can change your formation but when things are "Crazy" a further option screen opens up, through a common event, so you can control the AI of your party. What I would like to know is how to "Pause" the game in the same way...
  18. Vetmora

    Wait event command - make it affect one event not all

    Having trouble trying to figure out how to make an event wait instead of all events when using the wait command. I have an event that when a variable = 2 then it waits 200 frames before switching the variable to 0 where it can then move again. However the wait affects the player as well as this...
  19. MurphySlaw

    SE Interval/Pausing

    Hey guys! I'm working on implementing stepping sounds in my game. I used Syndicate's tutorial to implement a solution using Yanfly's region ID solution, which works great so far! Now, my only problem is that I use custom animations, which gives my character very clearly discernible steps...
  20. Kino


    Introduction Version 1.00 Features Pause the game Stop the game clock Script File EISGamePause.js Instructions Download the script file and save it with the same name (EISGamePause.js). Place the plugin in your folder. Add the plugin to your PluginManager...

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