1. Milena

    Pause graphics problem

    So, I am writing a plugin and it goes this way: var gtemp_alias = Game_Temp.prototype.initialize;var scene_map_update = Scene_Map.prototype.update;var scene_battle_update = Scene_Battle.prototype.update;var pause_on_map = true;var pause_on_battle = true;var pause;function update_pause() {...
  2. ♥SOURCE♥

    Cutscene Skip. Plug-and-play COMFORT for your players!

        Cutscene Skip is a way to pause cutscenes and have the ability to skip them at will! We specifically designed this system so you can easily add it to any existing game with minimal effort, no matter the development stage! Everything gets executed properly. Event commands and their results...
  3. HeroofTime123

    Pausing BGS while an ME plays.

    So what I'm trying to do is have a BGM and a BGS play at the same time, while staying perfectly synched with each other. Each one is a different version of the same song and I found out that the BGS will play before the BGM after a battle because of the ME. Is there a way to make it so the BGS...
  4. Tsukihime

    Create Your Own Pause Screen

    Here's a video tutorial that demonstrates how to create your own pause screen using events. Due to the limitations of event pictures (such as showing under windows and text and some other sprites), you will need scripts to bring it above other things. Originally posted at HimeWorks.
  5. Disabling pause/esc button?

    Hey everyone, quick question, I was wondering if it was possible to disable the menu that brings up party/items/etc when you hit escape, so that when you press esc nothing happens. If possible, how can I do this, so it carries on for the whole game? Thanks :)
  6. Pause Menu Help!

    Hey, It's me again. I'm not very good with scripting, although I did take a Python Class a couple weeks ago... Anyway, I am fine tuning the UI for my game, and I realised that I only needed three options in the pause menu: "Save", "Load", "Exit" and "Help". All of the fancy Items, Stats, etc...
  7. metronome

    Don't Pause the Game during Inventory/Menu/Status Access

    I am pretty new here so I am not sure if this kind of question has been answered already in this forum. I did some search, and came out nothing, so here is the question: "How do you make it so the game doesn't pause at all when you access your inventory/menu/status?" If you have ever played...
  8. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Pause Screen

    class Pause Screen(version 1.0)     def Initialize:        A very simple pause screen that can be called from the $game_map.   end     def Features: Assign BG Assign Trigger assign Text   end   def How to use:        This script has a Customizeable Area in the script's module.   end     def...
  9. kerbonklin

    Games that don't allow pausing

    Usually in RPG games that are action-based (like ABS systems), there's no pausing, and things still happen while in your menus. It's usually meant for immersion  purposes, and to make it more action-y. They usually also provide safe-spots throughout the levels, or enemies that don't re-spawn to...
  10. Z3R0X505

    Pause Screen (In & Out of Battle)

    Introduction This will allow you to pause the game in and out of battle by the press of a button. Script Credits Z3R0X505 Note: Make sure to place the pause image in the folder.          To turn off the music set the names of them like this ->    Pause_SE =  ""
  11. rtester

    VXACE Pause Script

    This seems to work fine in RMVX also. Thanks

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