1. GoodSelf

    Payment could not be processed

    Hey folks! I'm having an issue processign a payment on the the RPG Maker Web store using my debit card. All the information is correct, and I confirmed everything with my bank today, but I keep recieving this error message: Payment could not be processed, please check the details you...
  2. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Can't proceed with payment on Forum Store

    I have been trying to buy some music and graphics pack from the forum store today but upon the confirm and pay step, the payment area is blank and when I click "Place Order and Pay" the next page tells me that there was an error processing the payment and tells me to try another method or...
  3. DancingDrake

    Member+ Renewal Problems

    Wasn't sure what exactly to do about this but I have been on the yearly subscription of the Member+ program. Recently the subscription needed to be renewed so it went to take the money out of my PayPal account. As my PayPal account is setup so that if there isn't enough money in the account it...
  4. Lorenze

    Paying your team after game is finished?

    I was thinking about something recently, and I'd like to have everyone's opinion on it. What would you think about having your team being paid after the game has been released, and money has been made? Example: The game was released, and a week later the game has made $1000. It's split...

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