1. remainderstudios

    RMMV Detect through if player is from a PC or a mobile device?

    Is there any way to detect through a script if the player is from a PC or a mobile device? This would help a lot to activate or deactivate switches, functions, objects, mechanics, options for one platform or another and not have to generate a different project for each platform. for instance...
  2. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Free for both non-commercial and commercial use ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV that is compatible with mobile input?

    I've just ask the RPG Maker subreddit on which mobile-compatible ABS plugin should I use for my project, given that the Undertale battle system plugin for MV by SRD seems to be not compatible with mobile input. Instead of giving me a comprehensive list of mobile-compatible ABS plugins, they...
  3. EmceeProphIt

    Need to recover files that were just on steam cloud. Mac to PC question

    Hey ya'll! This is one of my first posts here but everyone seems very helpful here. I'm currently trying to make sure I recover my game project intact. My work computer, a 2012 macbook pro, finally died. I have back ups, but not up to date ones. I know it's saved to the steam cloud. In order to...
  4. Transferring unfinished PS4 project to PC?

    I have spent over 200 hours working on my PS4 project and I just got a new PC yesterday! My project is still very much unfinished and I think it would be easier to complete on the PC than the PS4. Is there a way to transfer my project in progress to my PC? Thank you in advance!
  5. SundialShark

    RMMV Somewhen - A Town Builder RPG!

    Inspiration This is a Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) inspired RPG with dungeon diving, resource gathering, and town building mechanics. Goal & Premise In Somewhen, you must help Idyll and company restore a fractured world with an uncertain future using a curious time-travelling train and a...
  6. NEO Ness

    Switch to PC and vise versa MV

    I know the Switch version isn't out yet, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to make a game on the PC version of MV, then port it to, say, the SD card on the Switch and load it on the Switch version of MV?
  7. zacheatscrackers

    RMMV OHMIC (Final version currently in production)

    Current version: Unavailable as of August 21st, 2019. The final release is set for late 2019-early 2020.
  8. Hollow 1977

    What is your motivation?

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask what your motivation is to creating your game. Was it something you wanted to do after playing a game. Or maybe you played a game and wanted to make changes to make the game better. Or just thought it would be awesome to create a game. Whatever that motivation is...
  9. SoaringDreams

    RMMV Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy

    The Central Nation of Axandrum, has commenced an all out war with the Southern Nation of Uhdaga. Axandrum has attempted to convince Uhdaga that their practices are taboo against the creators, the Arcus. Uhdaga would not wavier, the King saw only one way to ensure that the "Promise Day" for told...
  10. B34RxJ3W

    FREE Porta Party! || Wario Ware Style || Legion Media || Open Recruitment, All Positions!

    Engine : RPG Maker MV Who I'm Recruiting : I'm looking for developers, programmers, mappers, story writers, promoters, & beta testers. My Role : Writing, developing, mapping, eventing, advertising, payment collection & distribution, project management & hosting. Skill Trade ...
  11. Tonko

    Requesting ideas for using RPG Maker in a freezed PC

    Hello there. First of all, I wanted to tell that I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this thread. If it isn't, please move it wherever it belongs. Thanks :) Alright, I want to do something, but I'm having a problem. The explanation is below What I want to do: -Use RPG Maker MV in...
  12. JtheDuelist

    Exporting RPG for Mac from a Windows Computer?

    I was wondering, I know I have to use Enigma Virtual Box to pack my game as a standalone .exe, but what about exporting for a Mac? Do I need to do anything special for it like the Windows version, or do I just leave the export as is when uploading? I am wanting my game to be available on itch...
  13. Dalph

    Your PC and Console History

    A couple of days ago I was searching for old computer parts on eBay and since building computers from 0 has always been both my hobby and a small side job, I figured it would be interesting to share my PC and Console history. Feel free to add in this thread your personal history with computers...
  14. Nathyn171

    RMMV Project Discovery

    Download: THIS GAME IS STILL IN EARLY STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT, AND THUS THIS DEMO IS VERY SHORT (5-15 minutes, depending on how fast you go). HOWEVER, I BELIEVE THAT THE CONTENT THAT IS IN THE DEMO IS CLOSE TO HOW IT WILL BE IN THE FINAL GAME. The game is pretty simple, focusing more on story...
  15. thenerdmansion

    IPhone export

    Hello fellow rpg makers. So I have a fully finished and released game on the Android market and on my website for PC version but I don't have a Mac for exporting to iPhone and in the rpg maker help tab under deployment all the instructions given are instructions for exporting using a Mac as my...
  16. Breaking the fourth wall - Help

    Hey! We're currently developing a horror game which breaks the fourth wall often to freak out the player. Is there a potential way a character can say the name of the player's PC profile? So the player doesn't input their name, but the game searches for the PC name and says it. example...
  17. Astel

    Did you get something in this Steam sale?

    Having a limited budget for my hobbies, it's nice to have the Steam sales. This would be my third sale, and i think i got a few good things... let's see... RPG Maker XP (never liked the mapping but the resources are nice) RPG Maker 2003 (just being nostalgic i guess) Batman Arkham...
  18. Davõr Jörmling

    Anyone Playing Guild Wars 2?

    I started playing gw2 a couple weeks ago, loved it, picked up HoT and have been helping build up my guild (The Myrgard) ever since.
  19. Dalph

    Let's share our PC specs!

    I dislike long and useless introductions so I'll go straight to the point. What are your computer specs? What do you have there? Intel or maybe AMD? Let's share and discuss about them too (if you guys are up for it). Here's my new piece of junk, I got it one month ago because my old AMD...
  20. KillerGin

    Killer Gin (DLC and Manga in the works!)

    Killer Gin 1.0!! Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux, Browser. Killer Gin is available on STEAM and Itch.io STEAM Link: Itch.io Link: https://thekillergin.itch.io/killer-gin Official Facebook Game Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheKillerGin/ Killer Gin Discord: https://discord.gg/egd4Rzv...

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