pearl abs

  1. gsuk

    compatibility between Falcoa Pearl ABS and Venka's Bestiary v1.8

    Hi all, I'm trying to use Venka's Bestiary 1.8 script ( with Falcoa's ABS system. When I use the scan ability on an enemy event (I can select the enemy on the map just fine), it doesn't get entered into the Bestiary. I assume this is...
  2. JtheDuelist

    Can someone please help me modify one of Mog's scripts?

    I am wanting to include a Power Bracelet like skill to Falcao's ABS system (, and I found Mog made a Pickup and Throw event (, but it is on at all times...
  3. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS + Pixel Movement Loot Help

    So long story short, I have Pearl ABS working with Victors Pixel Movement. Everything is fine and dandy except one teensy weensy problem... When you kill an enemy and they drop their "loot", it's near impossible to pick up and you have to fidget around trying to find the right pixel you need to...
  4. RoxaDragonheart

    Pearl ABS - Enemy should only attack after a Switch is activated

    Hello :) so first of all, I'm pretty new to this whole RPG Maker stuff, so please don't judge me if I ask nooby questions. I work with the RPG Maker VX Ace for 2 Weeks now and I added the Pearl ABS Skript of Falco ( to my...
  5. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS System: Automatic Gun possible?

    If you are at all familiar with Falcaos Pearl ABS script then hopefully you can help me out. My game uses mostly guns as weapons. I wouldn't have a problem since most guns fire per trigger pull (Or button press in this scenario) but I want to have automatic rifles that you can hold the attack...
  6. [VX] Hopefully easy one about Iconset = animated

    Hey All, So i'm working on a project with double height player sprites, which is great only, the User Iconset = animated weapons I'm so fond of, now swing from mid-calf instead of the right height, does anyone happen to know where in the scripts the X & Y Offsets are for the weapon swings? I...
  7. Conditional branch enemy state in Falcao Pearl ABS.

    Hi all I'm experiencing an issue when using Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid. I want to make a common event in which there's a conditional branch. Within that branch, if an enemy falls into a particular state, I want something to occur and if it doesn't then it branches, usually a pretty simple task...
  8. [SCRIPT HELP NEEDED] Pearl ABS Dual Wielding

    So, I'm using Falcao's PearlABS Liquid V3. It's awesome and I've invested a lot of time into editing and rearranging character sets for different attacks, etc. However, I came to testing my dual wielding classes. Using the first hand weapon is fine, animates and everything, but when i attempt...
  9. SCRIPT REQUEST: Character Created Events

    So I'm working on my project on VX Ace, I'm using Falcao Pearl ABS, and I want to know if there's anyway to let the player create events. What I would like to achieve is for the character to lay down traps that go off when an enemy gets too close like a mine, or a "buff aura" type deal that...
  10. Hikaru

    Pearl ABS Liquid V3 "Pearl Projectile" Error

    Greetings! I found an error that puzzles me a bit, and I thought this would be the place to ask for some help. Upon opening my game and fighting some monsters with the Pearl ABS Liquid V3 script (, I run across this error...
  11. metronome

    [Falcao's Pearl ABS]Game_party.set_weapon?

    Hi, Do any of you still use this wonderful ABS from Falcao ( ? Anyway, In its script documentation, there is one part that says: Okay, nice. Basically I can force the player to learn some skill or bringing some items that I want him/her to have directly to...
  12. LNicol90

    Falcao Pearl ABS attack enemy problem

    Hello everyone I'm using Falcao's Pearl ABS liquid V3 script in my game. I was almost finished with it, and I played through the game for a final check. I then discovered that none of the weapons damaged the enemies. As per advised in the "Helping others help help you" post, I moved all...
  13. Having Pearl ABS enemy aggro upon being hit

    I'm currently using Proximity Events by V.M. in order to get a sneaking effect. I also added Pearl ABS v3 in order to simulate gunplay. The issue is that I'm trying to get an event to return fire (with self switch C) if any of the two conditions is met:    1) The player is within detection...
  14. Quigon

    Small Issue with Falcao's Pearl ABS [RGSS3]

    Howdy. I'll give you the lowdown of what I'm trying to achieve, and if there's some kind of fix then that's great, or if I'm just being an idiot and not eventing properly then let me know >.< I'm trying to combine the titular ABS with Jet's stealth script. There's no issue with the latter, I'm...

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