1. Crestfall9

    Looking for a comprehensive list of RPG Maker MV fixes

    I'm looking to start a project and thinking about how there should be bugfixes and any other plugins that any new RMMV project must use. I'm talking about things like: AudioStreaming.js to fix audio lag, upgrading NWJS and Chromium to increase performance, useful stuff in unofficial bugfix...
  2. jkweath

    RMMZ Limiting Effekseer animations for Android/low-end PCs

    It's been pointed out on the forums before, but while deployed MZ games run decently well on most devices, the new Effekseer animation system can cause some major lag on low-end PCs, but especially on mobile deployments. I have personally deployed two MZ games to Android, one being a base...
  3. LTN Games

    RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    I created a small guide for those who want to tackle upgrading their projects to PIXI v5. This guide includes the js files from a working upgraded version of MV. What changes does PIXI v5 bring? WebGL 2 Performance improvements Batch rendering Graphics now as fast as Sprites and more...
  4. Oscar92player

    Could higher Kb/s in audio files affect performance?

    Hello, everyone! I need some support with this, since I have little knowledge on how audio works this way. I know that, working with audio files, we need to find a balance between quality and optimization. I was using BGM and other audio files in OGG that works at 256Kb/s of bitrate, which has...
  5. Amarok

    need a way to display graphics without the default show picture command

    Hello there! i hope everyone is doing well and safe in these times. Since the quarantine prevents me from working i went back to coding and rpgmaking, kept experimenting with js and made my own roguelike system, everything works fine except one thing. Performance is terrible, most probably...
  6. [Solved] Need some help debugging a performance issue with autorun common event

    Greetings, So I'm trying to make a custom status menu. It's nothing fancy, it just uses images to display various things based on variables. Since my game has no combat, stats, classes, weapons, parties, enemies, items or anything really resembling an RPG, I've disabled the main menu because...
  7. Eliaquim

    Declaring variables for better readability of the code

    Hi people! :D Well, it's me again with another doubt... In my plugin I have a lot of this: SceneManager._scene._helpWindow; SceneManager._scene._categoryWindow.currentSymbol(); Eli.Param.HelpWindows.menuText; Eli.Param.HelpWindows.etc; So, to keep the lines short, I have assigned these...
  8. Eliaquim

    Performance questions with plugins and script calls

    Hi there! I have some doubts while making my plugins and the game. And it is about performance. For example, I know that it depends on the code of the plugin for it to lag the game. But, what is the most thing that can lag a game in the plugins? 1 - A lot of global variables, instead of local...
  9. Nilom

    Which is the better practice for long scripts?

    So, I use a lot of scripts in my game, that have more than the very limited 12 script lines. Now I wanted to know which of these two options is the better practice? Option A: Use a javascript shortener site, shorten the code to a single line and paste it into the script event command. And of...
  10. CalebW

    [Solved] Streamline performance for events?

    Hello RPG makers. I was wanting to set up a room with lets say 75-100 events, to simulate hidden rooms but all contained on the same map. Will this many events degrade the performance of the player and if so is there a way to streamline the performance so that lag doesn't happen when loading...
  11. Narch

    Yanfly Event Spawner: Performance Bloat after several uses

    Background: I'm developing a game since a lot of months. I was previously using Galv Event Spawner when Yanfly did not have its own. I encountered performances problems after hundred of spawns with the Galv plugin, slowing my developement last year. I switched to YEP Event Spawner when it got...
  12. Jonforum

    next PIXI v5 bench demo

    See here and compare next performance from pixi version run in rmmv core. the `dev` branch is the last v5 update. github source: test bench 10000...
  13. Performance

    So I create a map, no objects, except the player, no plugins, just tiles... and it lags? Are you kidding me? My Anti Virus is disabled, no programs running in the backgrounds and still lags, in deployment or test mode, it doesn't matter. I play Skyrim, Overwatch and all recent games on maximum...
  14. Jonforum

    RMMV tips: Upgrade NWJS and Chromium 67,68 64bits

    rmmv v.1.6> only You keep updating is imperative to fix security breach, but also to optimize your project and get the performance gain that is constantly updating. And get all new features update will give to you. We go here to see for the beginner how to update nwjs No need to wait until...
  15. Jonforum

    Help update Chromium? rmmv performance

    hi everybody many experimentation bring me to a stupefaction. when you type this into the rmmv console. navigator.appVersion you will get this "5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.76 Safari/537.36" is that me that interprets very badly the...
  16. Lakaroth

    Best Hosting/Server (Performance)

    Hello there, wich server solution you suggest me for a web app made with RMMV? In terms of performance and user limits. Apache or nginx? Also i was thinking about this... An RMMV browser game it's playable from Desktop or Mobile etc etc.. but if an user start a game with (for example) Mobile...
  17. Milennin

    Bad performance on town map

    I made a 100x75 map, but when I walk around on it, the framerate stutters. There are barely any events on it, and there are no parallel events running in the background. The game uses zero plugins. I'm playing on a pretty high-end PC that runs most modern games at 1080P/60FPS, so it's not that...
  18. Jonforum

    PERFORMANCE: calls, direct, apply, bind

    Hi .. I find this result quite surprising but also very interesting. But following this result, I ask myself an anecdotal question. I would like to reassure myself that I understood the principle of performance. I use a lot of...
  19. Jonforum

    Power console performance Debug

    This plugin is for intermediate level and those who want to get performance index on their event, their common event or their plugin How to Use script call- to start, add this line anywhere console.time('mytest')- to end, add this line anywhere console.timeEnd('mytest');- you need to...
  20. Fornoreason1000

    Audio Lag Fix

    Audio Lag Fix 0.82 Beta Download (press X on the popup) It's no secret that some people have been experiencing Audio lag within RPG maker specifically the longer BGM Files. This is mainly due to Audio Buffer not being suited for clips greater than 45 seconds. When...

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