1. Goddiga

    Digital copy perk and an actual game price.

    Hello! I was wondering if you would normally set the same price for the digital copy perk (may or may not include other rewards) and a selling price on Steam or anywhere else when crowdfunding or not. What's usually the sensible choice or your suggestion and why? 1. A perk for digital copy =...
  2. Runako

    Guest NPCs that add Perks

    Very Briefly, Hime has a plugin called Guest Followers, which adds actors to the party that don't participate in battle. This works as an illusion really because all we see is that the NPC is following the party members. I want this feature for my game, but with an addition: How would I create...
  3. Mr. Trivel


    Name: Perks Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-28   What does it do? It's a perk system. Actors get perk points on specific levels when leveling up or on every level up. Perk points can be spent in Perks Scene which can be accessed from menu.  ...

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