1. Garren_T

    RMMV The Infinity 4 B.XX.D (1st Demo Available)

    The big project is now in development; The Infinity: 4 B.XX.D, the direct continuation of The Infinity; Tower Of Fate. https://garren-t.itch.io/the-infinity-tower-of-fate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The community will be...
  2. LordTwibill

    FREE REQUEST Persona ᚱ - A Fan-Made Freeware Persona RPG Maker Game

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fangame. All depictions of copyrighted content belongs rightfully to Atlus and Sega, and Team Clover does not own Persona, Shin Megami Tensei or any material used for this fangame. Please support the official release. Suffering comes from the minds of men...
  3. dyzzythedemon

    How To Create Knocked Down Status, and AOA

    Heya! I'm working on a persona-like, and I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to create the "knocked down" condition for enemies, and how to make it recognize when they're all knocked down and initiate a big finisher. I realize this is tricky coding and rpg-maker wise, and I'm using MZ...
  4. casteco

    RMMV How can I approach creating an animated menu? Would I need a decent amount of JavaScript knowledge or would this be simple?

    I'm hoping to animate my menu between transitions similar to Persona 5...
  5. PARCB

    Looking for certain Pixel art style

    Hi everyone Today I want to ask a harsh question that can be applied to general resources. I am looking for a certain pixel art style for a top-down game (as it is obviously used in rpg maker apps). However, what i am looking for is a certain style that comes from an isometric view game, more...
  6. Marluwuxia

    RMMV How to enable HimeWorks battle command to a conditional branch that checks enemy state

    So, I'm making a Persona 5 Baton Pass battle command with the HimeWorks Battle Command plugin. For some reason the conditional branch doesn't work and does not enable the command even when both skeletons are in the stunned state. I'm pretty new to conditional branching, so any instructions are...
  7. Marluwuxia

    RMMV Persona Baton Pass for MV?

    I've searched for days now for some script to duplicate the effect of baton pass in Persona, specifically Persona 5 where you can give another member to act instead of the original unit's turn. If possible could it work with hitting an elemental weakness with the DreamX ITB plugin? I have...
  8. lightmagician60

    a Pokemon Style game

    i have a reference for 5v5 battles {i intend to do 4v4 battles} can any one point to samples/references to a SMT/Persona Type system {every mon has it's own Weaknesses} and a Digimon Species system {X deals more damage to Y reguardless of what move it uses} please and Ty
  9. Ruru Grgr

    Persona type cut-ins

    Is it possible to make a cut-in image appear when your character gets a critical hit or something? Kind of like in the Persona games. I think this video is a good reference: If anybody knows any way to do this, I'd appreciate knowing how.
  10. Ruru Grgr

    RMMV A cheesy Persona 5 fangame(ripoff)

    I made this game in three days for a friend's birthday. I then lost a bet, and now I'm posting it here. Synopsis: An app allows four friends to enter a palace, a world created from distorted desires. When the ruler of that palace threatens you, sometimes you have no choice but to play dirty...
  11. FanrirRC

    How do make a skill use up Hp instead of Mp?

    I'm currently making a persona fan-game as a way to learn to use the system, and for the past few days, I noticed that there was no option for skills using hp instead of Mp and have been struggling to make it work. Is there a way I can do this?
  12. ItsAri

    Lynn as a P5 sprite

    Been down a hole of Persona recently so here's art of my OC as a Persona 5 Sprite
  13. Persona Class Question

    While this does relate to my current RPG Maker Persona fangame I'm working on, I'm asking this here due to the subject matter. In Persona 3-5, what standard RPG character class does each character fit? Here's what I got so far: Makoto Yuki, Yu Narukami, Joker: The Hero, Obviously. Yukari...
  14. zerobeat032

    Stunning Characters and Enemies in Battle...

    so I was thinking about how some rpgs go about stunning an enemy in order to give the player an advantage or in some cases, the enemy as well... I've even toyed around with some of these myself, trying to replicate something somewhat akin to a fighting game's stun meter. once it's filled up...
  15. Yanfly's Battle Core Actor Specific Cast Animations

    Since I'm all over the place with projects, I need help with a completely different project in regards to a Persona fangame. I've figured out that using Yanfly's Battle Core activates a skill animation to play to represent a cast skill. However, since this is a Persona fangame, tying that...
  16. Quintus

    Battle Command Keys

    Thanks for taking the time to read my request, I've been digging around for other plug-ins that will do this or some way to event it but I'm told asking here is my best bet. What I'm looking to do is bind the battle commands (Such as Attack, Guard, Skills, and Items) to keys rather than a...
  17. Quintus

    Persona 5-esque battle menu?

    I'm looking for a way to emulate some elements of the Persona 5 battle system. For those who don't know it's set up so that you can select your target in advance if you want and then your attack, guard, items, skill menu, etc. are all mapped to buttons instead of being in a scroll menu. I like...
  18. demifiend700

    Persona System for VX Ace (Big Script - Willing to Trade)

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a script that replicates the Persona system from the Persona series. For anyone that's unfamiliar with the concept, here's a short explanation: A Persona is an entity that can be equipped onto a character. The character's stats, skills, and elemental affinities...
  19. Rink27

    Persona 5-esque Message Option (Temporary Screenshot)

    I'm trying to think of a way to mimic the Persona 5 message options: (Or: https://s3.amazonaws.com/zam-www/assets/editorial/2017/03/persona5_sojiro.jpg) The way MV is designed, any code executed after a text message box would remove the message box unless it's related, to my understanding...
  20. KingKraken

    Adding a state to targets with elemental weaknesses?

    Hey guys, I have something that seems fairly simple but I can't quite figure out how to get it to work right. Basically as the title says, I want to be able to add chance to cause a stun state, to targets when they are hit with an attack element they are weak against. I've searched the forums...

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