1. LordNPC

    Character Personality Quiz

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to do a personality quiz for RPG Maker MV. To clarify, I'm looking for something similar to the older Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, where you'd take a quiz at the start of the game and it'd determine what Pokemon you would become. I'm looking for...
  2. tale

    com_sho Fancy Room Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets image here. This tileset specializes in setting up a character's room based on personality. Preview- Tileset- SF_Inside_Bedit Roomtile Roomwall Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this...
  3. Terozu

    Opposite of perverted?

    Okay, title might seem weird but here's the basic explanation. My game has different personality meters that change with dialogue options allowing differing dialogue options and giving new ways to solve/worsen situations. The current set up is: Jokester - Serious, Humorous character vs no...
  4. megumi014

    Character creation

    Hello everyone, I could really use some help around the process of creating characters, especially their personalities. When I'm creating a game/book I focus on the ideas I want to convey, the themes, and the motivation of the characters to make the narration advance, but I always end up with...
  5. DestinyBattle

    I need help, and curious as to what are some of the struggles you go through in your lives?

    I'm generally interested, so I'll start off with mine. I feel misunderstood to all hell. I am a very passionate person. Everything I do, is with enthusiasm and with power. My "real" personality is one of being happy and once again; passionate, fully enjoying life. But when other people...
  6. Rinobi

    Actor Generator

    Actor Generator by: Rinobi Create randomly generator actors with a great deal of customization. This script includes gender, personality, and stat settings. See script header for details, and screenshots for example use.
  7. TheGamedawg

    Can we guess your character's personality by a drawing of them?

    I've recently watched this video and I very interested by the beginning part of it, where Dan describes how a good character design and pose can convey character.  Now we all probably have a lot of characters in our own games, but I was wondering if we could try some kind of experiment given a...
  8. Protagonists with Attitude

    WARNING: The following discussion will almost certainly contain opinions, especially ones that may differ from your own. If you encounter such an opinion, proper procedure dictates a calm response to prevent an S-Class Moronic Arrogant Dumbie (or MAD) event. This question is an equal mix of...
  9. mlogan

    All things Myers Briggs

    Our friend @AwesomeCool had a recent status update that generated a lot of interest and discussion (and therefore notifications for many of us). I thought it would be better suited to a topic where more people could see it and get in on the discussion.  It began with this personality test...
  10. nio kasgami

    Problem with making a certain part of my AI

    Hi people I work on my AI and this begin to works wells just for not confuse people this not a Battle AI but a Scene AI who create a character who react on your action  here the thread : now I...
  11. Character Trait System Script

    I would like a script that would create a system to assign characters personality traits that affect their combat. Currently I'm simply using states and switches to emulate this effect, but would like an easier approach to do this.  These traits would be semi-permanent and randomly generated...
  12. TMS

    Roles for Playable Characters - Story vs. Gameplay

    I was thinking just now about how many playable characters to put in my first game. At the moment I'm thinking four, the most that can participate in a battle using the standard battle system, and I already have a good idea of who they'll be. But it got me thinking about the roles or niches that...
  13. RavenTDA

    The Token Healer

    Most times in RPGs when the characters have set classes there's always one character dedicated to healing. While they always play an important role in battle, because they usually are a permanent fixture to the party, what kind of personality do you give this person? What role do they have in...

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