1. AdamMMS

    Mode 7 Perspective in Games

    After seeing some examples of mode 7 being used, I now regret not using it in my project! Here is a quick example I threw together using a custom perspective: I underestimated how beautiful and cool it can look! Of course I think it would look better if no black edges were visible and that's...
  2. Robert-Character Creator

    Creating Perspective by Rotating the Map or Camera

    Hello! I was curious on what people would think of this mechanic, seeing as it's not used in RPG games often. An example of this feature is in the TRPG Final Fantasy Tactics (The only RPG with this feature that I know of, actually), where you can rotate the camera around the map to get a better...
  3. Stanley

    What have you sacrificed in order to chase your dream and do your hobbies

    I want to know. Because I'm torn apart of chasing my dream, doing my hobbies, or not, cus I most prolly soon will get a new full time job, and that job would only spare an hour and two at most to do my hobbies, chasing my dreams. Let me see through your perspectives. Does it matter to me, does...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Map Layout Advice & Opinions

    This will be a rather lengthy explanation so bear with me! I've run into a little bit of a problem with the mapping style I've chosen, and I rather not change the style because I've put a lot of time and effort into it (and I think it looks good). The problem is that it's difficult to map rooms...
  5. BrandedTales

    Showing perspective on maps

    Had a lot of trouble deciding where to post this, so if I'm in the wrong spot, apologies! While this has direct implications for my game, it is more of a broad question. To those with The Mapping (Or other Artistic) Skills... How would you show perspective on a map with very tall buildings...
  6. Carduus

    Sources for RPG Maker-Perspective Reference Materials?

    It was over six months ago that I started with the idea of putting realistic sizes and proportions on my 32-bit graphics so as to make the fantastic elements more fantastic. But I'll be (insert swearing) if I didn't forget about the fact that RPG Maker graphics are (necessarily) pinned into a...
  7. Abhilash

    How our perspective about game changes after becoming a developer

    Hello All  :) !! I don't know whether you find this interesting , or you noticed it or not.   The perspective of a person sitting in stage watching a show changes when He/She is taking part in that show. Because now He/She knows about what is happening behind the curtain (stage).  This is...
  8. Silent Darkness

    Behind-Wall Doors

    I'm looking for a specific type of door tile. Now, with a lot of maps, you have walls where you can't see what's on them due to the birds eye perspective. But, you should be able to make out SOMETHING, I would think. Even if it's just something simple, like the top of the door-frame.

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