pet and summon

  1. Rinobi

    RMMV Necromancy - Acquiring Undead

    Hello, I am hoping to get feedback on a mechanic for my necromancer class. I have come up with two potential options for players to acquire undead minions via a skill called Corpse Capture. Please see the below two options and let me know what your thoughts are. Option #1: Kill a weakened...
  2. Jellicoe

    Pet/follower who is not a party member, but participates in battle?

    I have looked to see if this has been implemented, but could not find. I was wondering if I could have a "pet", who is present along side a party member in battle, and participates in battle, but is not a party member. Examples would be: A wolf by the side of a beastmaster A demon by the side...
  3. Sinweaver

    [ACE]Yanfly Party System + Vlue Pet and Summon help needed

    What I wanted to achieve? Maximum actor in a battle is set to 4 actors. Some classes (i.e. warlock, hunter, etc) has summoning skill. Warlock can summon demons, hunter can summon animal companion. The pet and summons are actually actors that have been set aside and only exist for summoning...

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