1. schulliya

    Only one character following the player?

    Hi there! There's this feature that the whole party would follow the player around, but I want to make a pet, that will not battle, following the player. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks in advance! Luv ya :kaohi: I thought about making the pet an actor, but I don't want it inside the battle.
  2. Rinobi

    RMMV Necromancy - Acquiring Undead

    Hello, I am hoping to get feedback on a mechanic for my necromancer class. I have come up with two potential options for players to acquire undead minions via a skill called Corpse Capture. Please see the below two options and let me know what your thoughts are. Option #1: Kill a weakened...
  3. CookieFur

    Petting System.

    I'm sorry if I post in the wrong section. so I've been trying to find a petting system where you can pet an adorable animal, there's a petting system on this one RPG maker game so I want to see if I can try to make a pet able animal in my game. I want the animal's images to change for animations...
  4. [RPGMV][How to use Summon or Actor AI in ABS] Help !! My only hope is you.

    Hello. I am losing a lot of time. I want a recall of Actors or another act with AI. There is a plugin called Qfollowers inside the Qabs plugin. But Quxios said he would no longer develop a follower system. So I actor added QFollowers plugin to my RPGMV to check. And what I did was we added the...
  5. shinichi999

    Request for specific MV Cat Faces

    Hi there. I'm working on a very special project where the main character (a cat) gets old at the end of the game, so I'm looking for a kitten face and then the same cat but very old. Something like this, but with a cat: I will really appreciate any help! :)
  6. Cat and Bear Battler

    Resource Type: Battler (Battle Stances) Maker Format: MV Art Style: Like the walking sprites down below. (For the bear the first one on the left, for the cat the bottom one on the far left.) Description: For my game you have a choice between 4 pets which are also playable...
  7. _Shadow_

    Share a picture of your pet and share a story with us.

    You don't have to share just only one picture but don't spam the whole thread with 9001 pictures of your pet. The concept is sharing a story that involves our pet and share a picture of it. Let me start then. Recently I faced a family tragedy. After some time, I was in depression in...
  8. antega34

    Party Guest/Pet Follower MV

    Hi there, I'm planning on have a character that will essentially follow the party around as a pet/guest party member but that won't actually participate in battle. So I was wondering it there was a plugin or wat to do this, maybe something similar to Mr. Bubble's script party guests (although i...
  9. Pet Follow But Not Battle

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could or has come up with a script for RPG Maker VX Ace that lets you have a character follow you, not an event like the caterpillar scripts or the caterpillar function already in VX Ace, a moving graphic like the Pet Script for RPG Maker VX on this page...

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