1. CookieFur

    Petting System.

    I'm sorry if I post in the wrong section. so I've been trying to find a petting system where you can pet an adorable animal, there's a petting system on this one RPG maker game so I want to see if I can try to make a pet able animal in my game. I want the animal's images to change for animations...
  2. Fernyfer775

    Demon Hunter

    ~*~*~*~ WARNING ~*~*~*~   Game contains young girl with a potty mouth and many real world references including, but not limited to: Sex, race, gender, etc! Demon Hunter     SYNOPSIS and STORYLINE   Demon Hunter is an old-school Turn-Based styled RPG game mixed with "monster capture" elements...

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Realized virus affecting my NJS and MZ!
I feel so dumb I forgot to set parameters and thought the plugin wasn't working
I can come up with all of the magic skills in the world, but I can hardly think of creative physical weapon skills within the JRPG realm. One of those ones....
It's time for episode 19 of our Make a Cliff Map in RPG Maker MZ... I mean, Make a Game in RPG Maker MZ! Today we're working on our cliff map again. Let's see if we can finish it this time!

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