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    Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton Style Gameplay?

    I'd like to make a interactive story game like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us and I'd like the gameplay to be like Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton games. What I mean by this is on the screen I want there to be three options: Talk, Move, and Look. Is there any way to do this without...

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Looking back at some sketches, and game design documents on my PC dated summer of 2015. I started development with the release of MZ, but in 2015, I felt a strong desire to make a game out of the blue. I remember feeling sad for no apparent reason, and all these ideas rushed into my head. Now that I think about it, since that day, everything has become easier to do on my PC . . . it’s very creepy.
Everything's going to be alright! We're all in this together. <3
Aaaaannd published my game's tech demo. :D

Feel free to download and play it. And give feedback!
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