1. Using parallax images over the map tool graphics

    Hi. I'm totally new to RPG Maker, but I have a professional background from other engines. So far I love the simplicity of RPG Maker, but there are just a few minor tweaks that could make the engine shine. Too bad the developer isn't making those changes and we need to do it ourselves.. But at...
  2. JayIsrael

    Create sprite sheet easily from layers in Photoshop (not sure if this post belongs here)

    Something that has helped me make some easier sprite sheets for animations (such as animations made for doodads plugin), is this script that allows you to take separate layers in a photoshop file and create sprite sheets from them. I found the script at the following link...
  3. Nilom

    Merging Autotiles Issue [solved]

    Hello! I merged the A tilesets Outside_A2 and Inside_A2 together. I didn't change the size or anything. I just swapped some of the autotiles with the autotiles of the other set. But now I have a problem with the counter tilesets. When I change them to counter in the tileset database (diamond)...
  4. karinthefox

    Problem with sprite resizing

    Hello everyone! I've recently finished making some sprites for my game on MV and noticed that they were a tad small compared to the map. So I resized them with photoshop using the nearest neighbor option and all that jazz. The problem is that when I resize the image to 200%... the sprites get...
  5. Help Converting "TIME FANTASY ADD-ON: ANIMALS" for MV

    Hello, So I purchased this add on in hopes of making my game more entertaining, but I failed to see the "Optimized for" section that did not include the MV version. So when I create the animals in the game, the MV resizing magnifies the rabbits to the size of cows. Plus, they're horribly...
  6. 999Hp

    How to get clean Sprites (not blurry)

    Hi everybody, It's been 2 days i've been searching around a solution for this problem but with no success... Let me explain quickly : i created a sprite on photoshop with a resolution of 375x335 , 72DPI, RVB, transparent background. In photoshop, the sprites looks really clean, even with a big...
  7. captainette777

    SV actors on the overworld Map?

    Hey all, need some help if possible for a weird idea I have. I mentioned before that I'm making a tactics game, where you'd fight on the overworld rather than a typical RPG battle scene. I wondered if it would be more interesting if instead of using the plain overworld sprites on the map during...
  8. Sprite Design Help

    I have this template for a Lamia but I have no clue where or how to start. I own Aseprite, Photoshop, Gimp, and Piskel.
  9. Dust

    RPG Making #1 - Reusing Sprites

    Tutorial topic: Reusing sprites or "Frankenspriting" Brief description: This tutorial covers the basic on making the most out of resources you already have at your fingertips with a detailed example using basic image manipulation. Hopefully, this video inspires you to craft your own creations...
  10. Yunan

    Yunan's Pixel and Art Thread

    Hi! Welcome to my art thread, feel free and roam around xD TREES: I'm planning to make more of these trees soon and will share for public use. You can look forward to that ^_^ SPRITES: CHARACTERS: If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask :D If you need something to ask in...
  11. SpunkyWunky

    Smooth Lines and Perspective Rulers in Photoshop

    Please disregard, The latest update of photoshop has these tools and the below post is only beneficial for people using an old disc copy of photoshop. Original Message: Hey everyone, I know a lot of people here use GIMP but for those of you who use the Adobe suite, I thought you might like to...
  12. Tonedawg181

    Anyone Wanna Take a Whack at Fixing These Faces?

    So I scaled up all the vx ace faces/emotion faces to work for mv using waifu and photoshop. But when you do this you end up with a lot of little pixel problems that need to be fixed, every character has different problems that needs to be fixed, and inconsistency's that you need to find...
  13. Vanessa

    TRADE Easy but serious project, Vanessa

    About Vanessa Codenamed Vanessa for its main character's name, the story involves a destiny forged in misery and misfortune, and how Vanessa herself tries to go on even under terrible circumstances. There'll be a good quantity of characters that will cross paths with her whilst trying to fix...
  14. MV Character design : Fuse/Miximo, Daz3D vs GCH vs Spriter vs Daz3D vs MakeHuman

    Hello, I spent 197 hours to discover RPG Maker MV and try things, now I'd like to have a custom design for my characters. I'm not much into "chibi" cute design, more into standard characters like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Context : 9/10 project organization (my job), 7/10 web dev (my old...
  15. IAmJakeSauvage

    Parallax Mapping (with Lighting/Shadows)- 4 Part Video Series

    Parallax Mapping (Work Flow)/Easy Object Shadows/Lighting & Shadows This is a good place to start if you're looking to learn a little bit more about PSD organization - and how to add a little extra to your parallax maps! I'll go over... Different Types of Shadows Lighting Effects & Color...
  16. Studio Blue

    How to make a Damage Character Graphic (Without using the MV Generator)

    Let's say you want to use something other than the chibi-like graphics generator for RPG Maker MV, or you're using RPG Maker VX/Ace (or earlier), and you want to create a damage character graphic. Well, it's a lot more simple than it looks, and in this video, we show you a real easy way to do...
  17. Importing Custom Assets

    Hey everyone!  I am new to RPG maker and need a little help. I'm creating custom assets like bows, suits of armor, pianos, etc... and am wondering if anyone knows the best way to import custom assets? I read that sprites must be labeled with a $ sign to be recognized in a 3 x 4 grid. Are...
  18. Krzysztof Antosik

    You need high charsets? Do it yourself in seconds!

    I needed quickly resize multiple charsets so I created the action in Photoshop that I've done everything for me, it was a great idea. Now I decided to share this with you. This way charsets are higher and occupy two tiles.  Download ATN file with Google Drive How to do it? It's easy! 1...
  19. Quite.Toxick

    Resizing Ace NPC sprites for MV

    So the MVFU works wonders when it comes to converting tiles from Ace to MV, much better than any attempt I made in Photoshop. Converted Ace character sprites, however, retain a rather thick outline, often two or three pixels wide, which of course is due to the original sprite, and have...
  20. JmyDown

    Old Dog New Tricks

    Hi guy and girls I've been using RPG maker for a while way back which RM2K was released. I loved it but quickly got frustrated by the limited engine, this was before scripting, and the limited amount of people that could play it. A few weeks back I checked to see if it was still around when I...

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