1. Mattsuharu

    State that absorb the damage?

    I want to create a state that as long as I have it, I can convert all damage or a % (depending on the state) to HP. I know there's the yanfly element absorb plugin, but that plugin limit to absorb damage based on elements, I really wish to have states that absorb DEPENDING on if the attack was...

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Really need to come up with better names for my folders.
rpgmakerxp wrote on caethyril's profile.
Hi, I saw you comment a google drive link to add a specific script to a kadowa plugin for battle voices here:

I'd like to add "multiple possible battle voices" for stuff too, can you please let me know what to change cause the link isn't working.
As you get older you notice how things you always used to do is starting to cause pain XD
I've always sitted on my feet for exemple and now I've started to develop knee pains that always occur after I sit in a way that I've ALWAYS done.
And am I going to stop doing it? Eh, likely not before it is causing me massive pain....:kaoswt:
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