1. Howdy There--Creating a Game to go with my Physics Class

    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker, but old to RPGs. I've wanted to try RPG Maker ever since I saw the first one available way back when, but never bought it. Well, a great find from the Steam Summer Sale later and here I am. I am a high school science and mathematics teacher (physics, chemistry...
  2. megumi014

    Pendulum Movement

    Hi, I've been trying to emulate the movement of a pendulum and it's proving to be rather hard. I have managed to do something that resembles it but if I make it move faster the change of movement feels too abrupt, and the Y coordinate is hard to keep steady (I tried to anchor it). Here I'm...
  3. LucidNightmare

    RMMV Theory of Everything - An RPG that makes you think

    Hi ! It took longer than announced because I decided to transfer the whole game to RPG Maker MV, but here it is ! Warning : this game evokes religions in a philosophical perspective. Theory of Everything Synopsis You start with Isaac, a young physicist who begins to build a theory of...
  4. LucidNightmare

    Theory of Everything : A philosophico-educative RPG

    Hi ! Theory of Everything allows the player to travel through the history of science. Your mind will be split between four characters... Characters Isaac is a physicist. He wants to create a theory of everything, which would be able to explain any phenomenon in the universe. But he's...
  5. Ebonfix

    Tileset physics?

    okay so I was wondering. Can someone make a script (using the "note" box in the tileset menu) for physics. like "A2" "2" "1" so A2 means "A2". "2" would mean where the script would locate the tile. "1" would be a effect like "ice" which means "slippery" Effects: 1:Ice 2:fire (burns)...

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