1. High Plains Design Studio

    HPDS Throwable Plugin

    HPDS Throwable Plugin v1.1.0 Michael Hernandez @highplainsdesignstudio Introduction The HPDS Throwable plugin allows you to pickup and throw events using note tags. The game player will be able to then throw the events in game. Get Plugin Master Plugin List Github HPDS Throwable Plugin Page...
  2. Loot Wndow

    I'm aware nobody ever actually creates these plugins; because I've requested a ton in the past that never got an eye batted, but I might as well try. Basically; I'm trying to advance the item system in a game I'm creating. What I'm looking for specifically in a plugin is a plugin that; upon...
  3. Naveed

    Pickup and Throw

    The title is pretty much self explanatory. VX-Ace had a bunch of scripts that enabled pickup and throw functionality. However, there isn't one yet for MV (or atleast, I couldn't find one yet). So my request would be a plugin that allows the player to pick up tagged events and throw them a...
  4. Erangot

    [VX] Pick-Up Script and Event Cloning

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone would help me out regarding the scripts I use for this game I'm developing. For my farming system I am using Sinmora's Gift & Pickup Script and FlipelyFlip's/Kread-Ex's Cloning Script which I will post later at the bottom (since I can't find the original links...
  5. Erangot

    please close/lock this thread

    hi please close/lock this thread, i posted at the wrong forum.
  6. I need a small script addon for MOG - XAS PICKUP AND THROW

           This script is giving me a single problem which I cannot patch using common events. I am using a custom version of XAS Ace 0.6 which has this script called ("MOG - XAS PICKUP AND THROW v1.0)". The version of XAS I am using does not support 8-directional movement graphic support, only...

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