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    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2. PEZ * The GUI elements and the Icons are from Александр Загорулько (I guess Aleksandr Zagorulʹko in latin alphabet). Requirements This Plugin was made with 1.5.2. version of RPG Maker MV. It might not work with 1.6.1. A new IconSet to...

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The last two months of 2020 were bitter for me. It was a hard year.

January came and there wasn't so much to celebrate.

Nonetheless we must keep pushing.

I know I'm late, but I'm here to wish you all a good, safe and prosperous 2021.
Sooo I tried CSP Ex today.
this is Drizzt's theme https://tinyurl.com/y3m7ruml Theme Name: Foon by Toon, Persons theme: Drizzt...
I'm still around. Just the job, family things, and another Covid scare to make sure that I'm good and distracted from RM :-/
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