1. Austintatious

    How to display a picture during battle?

    I'm trying to give the enemies labeled health meters like in this pic: As far as I know, the best way to do this is add code to display a picture on top of them in EnemyBars.js (the plugin I'm using). Is there a better way to do this? If not, how do I display a picture in javascript during...
  2. Inventory system with common events and pictures?

    Hello everyone! First of all my programming skills and knowledge is very (very very) basic. Im using MV. My question is that it is possibe to make an inventory(grid based) system without scripting, only using common events and pictures and some "minor" plugins (like picture common event, and...
  3. Naemegashi Yokohuro

    Unlimited and Optimized Pictures handle

    Unlimited and Optimized Pictures handle Introduction These are just some modifications in the original script. Features Remove the auto created (100 default) image objects, and create the image objects dynamically, and when the "erase Picture" is called, it also erase the object. This doesn't...
  4. Is it possible for the player to keep moving while Picture is displayed?

    I'm trying to have a "pop up" image come up whenever the player gets a new quest. Currently I'm trying to use the Show Picture command but the issue is the picture pops up but everything pauses till it disappears again. Ideally the player could continue to walk around and interact with other...
  5. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  6. how to make a picture take up the full screen

    yep titles my question is that actually a thing you can do though i have tried making the width and height bigger on pictures but doing that just makes the picture not fit into the screen i wanted it so when you beat the game im making 3 pictures play out like a story book basically as a...
  7. Lunyc

    RMMV Adding Moghunter's picture gallery in the menu with Yanfly's menu manager

    I wanted to use Moghunter's picture gallery to give an extra aesthetic touch to my game, but I can't get it to show up on the menu. The plugin does have an option to do that by default, but it doesn't work if you're using Yanfly's menu manager. I need help figuring out how to add the picture...
  8. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Picture Gallery Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a picture gallery. Players can find special items throughout the world that give them access to pictures in a gallery. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine (script, optional)...
  9. Change Picture's layer

    Hi, i'd like to make animations in battle using videos. When you use a spell it would use a common event. I made a quicktime common event. A chain command (when you need to press buttons, and if you press all the buttons the attack will be succesful). I animated the attack as a video and the...
  10. Distancio

    RMMZ [SOLVED] How to load a picture inside a window?

    I've read through this from the thead (How to display an image in a window?): Window_Base.prototype.drawPicture = function(filename, x, y) { var bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture(filename); this.contents.blt(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap._canvas.width, bitmap._canvas.height, x, y); }; but can't...
  11. HalcyanStudio

    RMMV Show a picture through YEP Options Core plugin

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to ad an option to the options screen with YEP Options Core plugin that show a picture of the gamepad controls. The code for "OK process code" I have so far: This works partly: the image is shown but "behind" the menu. Only when I close the menu the image is shown on...
  12. RMMV alternative picture gallery beside mog hunter? that can stack (clear)

    excuse me, is there any picture gallery plugin that can stack? for example picture 3 is a cliff scenario, with the mc is happy, sad, desperate, or █████ picture 3, same bg but different facial. using mog, can only fit 1 picture, and will fill the gallery because the same yet different picture.
  13. prehistoricstudio

    Help Me Fix show picture blinking, continue to next page

    I used the technique by inserting the image first and then adding text to the next page like this tutorial https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/blog/make-an-in-game-book-with-pictures but the image blinking to the map doesn't flash at continuously like fade in/out fast. Help Me
  14. Drakkonis

    RMMZ How do I draw a resizing bitmap?

    Back again with another question for my custom scene. I have images for my windows, I use them as sprites, but I actually blt their contents to the window itself, and the sprite itself is hidden at all times. I do it this way because it was the first solution I found when involving blt and...
  15. Can I assign a picture or video clip to an in-game key item?

    For example, I want to have a viewable world map static image (like a jpeg or png) that fills the screen when opening a "picture" key item or play a short video clip (like a mp4 or webm) when opening a "video" key item. If possible, how can this be done?
  16. Karbonic

    Move Picture by set distance?

    Hello! In the normal 'Move Picture' command, it is possible to move a picture to a set coordinate, either through a designation, or by variables. What I'm looking for instead is the ability to move the picture relative to its current position. (ex: x++20, y+-35) Is there a script call to...
  17. Eliaquim

    Eli Picture Sub Folder - Can show pictures inside subfolders made in the default picture folder!

    Author: Hakuen Studio This plugin will be no longer supported since the MZ has implemented this feature on the editor! Terms of Use https://www.hakuenstudio.com/rpg-maker/terms-of-use DOWNLOAD Eli_PictureSubFolder.js Update Log [/SPOILER]
  18. HalcyanStudio

    Is there a way to change (zoom, opacity, delete, ...) all active pictures?

    Is there a way to change (zoom, opacity, delete, ...) all active pictures? For example with a script call? I want to change the opacity of all existing active pictures on a map, but it depends what pictures are active (picture number). So if there is a way to change just every picture currently...
  19. ovate

    Kanji - Visual Novel Style (menu buttons)

    NovelStyle.js (2019-08-17) Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview visual novel style with menu buttons Features - Possible to save during text message process - Plugin parameters to set up buttons on the screen - Character can appear depending on window position How-to When setting up...
  20. Morpheus

    RMMV Show Picture If Player Is Looking At Event

    I'd like to request a plug-in where you can comment a picture file and if the player is facing the event and is 1 space/tile away (This can be customizable)then it displays the picture. It should probably have options to adjust the picture too for convenience sake. Please and thank you...

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