1. momokoii

    Picture Center Error

    I'm trying to have a picture pop up when the player walks outside. And after a few seconds I want to erase the picture and have another pop up, and then I want that one to be erased as well. Another image will pop up and I want that to be erased as well. After the last image is erased, I want...
  2. Kyuukon

    Universe Parallax

    Hello! I was just wondering: would it be too difficult to 'transform' the image 'Universe.png' found in 'Titles1' of the RTP of VXA so that it scrolls like parallax seamless in diagonal? I attach the picture. Or maybe there is some other I could use out there? Thanks!
  3. Bonkers

    What layer is text drawn on?

    I'd like to put a picture over text, but I do not know what layer text is drawn on. Here is an example of what I'd like to do in the editor: I'd like the hand and ripping picture to be over the text itself.  I just need to know what layer to set it on. I can only get to 100 on "Show...
  4. icerose05

    Picture Sliding Puzzle

    I'm trying out a picture sliding puzzle, and for those of you that don't know what his is, you have a series of tiles mixed up on the ground, and you only have one space free to move the tiles, and you have to put the tiles together to create a picture. I've been trying to figure it out myself...
  5. radarpink

    Picture movement (Help!)

    Hello! I'm having a bit of trouble in RPG maker VX Ace.  I would like to have the player push the left and right buttons in order to make a picture slide left and right on the screen.  I'm having difficulties making this type of thing work.  Does anyone know how I can event this?  Or have a...
  6. MeowFace

    Eventing Tutorial for Creating custom Text Windows

    The reason for this tutorial is because i can't find any good script around that actually do what I want and how I want the windows to be displayed on screen. Those "pop up windows" scripts that can be found out there are pretty stiff and almost all of them doesn't allow the user to interact...
  7. Nelderson

    N.A.S.T.Y Replace Window with Picture

    N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture By: Nelderson Introduction This script uses pictures instead of windows you specify.  While this looks very simple, for the Photoshop nerds this will be invaluable.  Features - Have a picture instead of the default window. - Use pictures on only the...
  8. Show picture of actor during battle

    Hey there, I'm currently testing things out in ACE since I've only worked with RPGM2003 so far. The issue I have is that I'd like to insert busts during battle - more precisely: during any party member's turn, I want to insert a picture (named busts) of the actor above the bottom text window...
  9. xSparkZx

    Good picture resolution?

    Hello I have a problem. I'm a good eventer, but the only thing I don't know anything about is the Show Picture command. I'm planning to make a scene where there's after a bit of talking a black slow flash and a landscape picture following after the flash where the people talk about, with the...
  10. prince of mars

    erasing a picture at the end of a battle

    hello everyone I have been using a parallel common event where depending on what weapon the players had equipped a different picture shows on screen and I have been using that as a way to show which weapon the player has equipped in battle as well which works fine since I am using the FPLE...
  11. HeroofTime123

    Picture Center Problem

    I am trying to make a picture appear on screen and I have the picture set to be centered with the player's position on the screen. However, when I erase the picture. the game crashes and says "Script Sprite_Picture' line 54: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method 'width' for nil:NilClass" I...
  12. HeroofTime123

    Fixed Picture script on a Looping map

    I'm making a forest map that's sort of maze-ish so I have it loop horizontally. I also added a picture to make it look like the trees were casting a shadow. I found a script that would keep the picture in a fixed position which is good because I have a large map (this is the...
  13. Adorian

    Moving picture with character

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if it was possible to move a picture that you've inserted with "show picture" beforehand along with the character. The aim is to create some sort of parallax foreground to give more depth to the game. For example, you're in a forest and you have tree branches...
  14. Knight sprite from picture

    Can someone please sprite this person for me, but without the flag I need it in RTP format and style,please. maybe even a battler and face set. I would like them sometime this month, but there is no important deadline.
  15. Cadh20000

    Free Pictures, Picture spritesheets, and battlers.

    Feel free to use these however you want, just credit me. *EDIT* BE AWARE, These are all for VX Ace and will require re-sizing to be used with MV! I may do some sized for MV later though so I didn't change the tags to specify this thread as VX Ace only. *END EDIT* Some spritesheets, be...
  16. tonytechno

    Unicorn Sprite Sheet & Picture

    Hello, i'm looking for someone who could make me a Unicorn sprite sheet, and a picture in anime style that is in VX Ace Style since i'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, Thank You to anyone who responds! Just a White unicorn with a Pink Mane, and a White Horn is all with all the movement sprites to go...

    So when everi use magic i get a error (sapphire action system4 ) HERE is the script(ONLY THE PART THAT THIS ERROR HAPPENDS IN, IT IS A 5 PEICE SCRIPT THO) SAS4.txt
  18. Event Commands->Show Picture->Picture Graphic (Massive Loadtime)

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to the rpg maker stuff and reached now a problem, I can't solve by myself. Since I have a massive load of graphics in .\Graphics\Pictures\ (nearly 5000 files, ca 500 MB), I have now the problem, that anytime I wanna add a picture into the game (per event for example)...
  19. Jory4001

    Jory4001's Resources!

      #Jory4001's Resources. 1.) I will be posting all my custom graphics here for all to use in any Non-Commercial game. 2.) The resources I create will all be for RPG Maker VX Ace, feel free to edit them for use in other rpg maker versions. 3.) Please give credit where due, and do not re-upload...

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