1. RMMZ Clickable Parallel Pictures in Battle

    I'm not exactly sure how to word this but I have searched everywhere for a solution to this,and have tried many different plugins but none of them would work. Basically what I am trying to do: Have pictures appear during a battle (from calling a Common Event during an enemy attack and it...
  2. Angelus197

    Busco un pack de enemigos en batalla / I am looking for a pack of enemies in battle

    Quiero un paquete de recursos con sv_enemies y algún otro sprite enemigo andante. Debe haber dragones, enanos, elfos, señores oscuros, bestias, todo tipo de seres mitológicos, animales salvajes, bandidos, soldados... Ya tengo muchos recursos de RPG Maker MV y algunos DLC que he comprado, pero...
  3. doguhang

    RMMV Flexible use of the Show Picture command

    Hi! I have two questions. Here is: I want to show an image using Show Picture. For example, let's say this is a 350x500 letter. When you come in front of a table and have Player Touch, it will appear on this screen. 1) Is there a way to make it aligned to the center of the screen, regardless of...
  4. Lunyc

    Encyclopedia with pictures script

    Hey, so, I've came back to VX Ace after using MV for a loooong time, and I started looking for an encyclopedia script but, since VX Ace is old at this point, most of the links are broken. I've managed to find a glossary script which works pretty well, but it doesn't allow to put pictures in it...
  5. How do I show a number of pictures in a sequence?

    I'm new here. Just learning as I go. I want to show 7 pictures, 1 at a time. I don't understand why my event setup isn't working. The first picture shows, then event #1 replays its audio in a loop. Event #1 picture does not return (which is good) The first replay has the first picture in the...
  6. Ludi_Tarantula

    FREE (RMMV) ARTISTS WANTED!! - The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht (Story-driven game)

    Good evening from the Ludi Tarantula team! Like we said in the title, we need multiple artists. After two years in which we tried to do both eventing and the art for the game, we recognized how much does it take to do both of them: we are always unsatisfied with our results. That's why we...
  7. ovate

    Kanji - Visual Novel Style (menu buttons)

    NovelStyle.js (2019-08-17) Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview visual novel style with menu buttons Features - Possible to save during text message process - Plugin parameters to set up buttons on the screen - Character can appear depending on window position How-to When setting up...
  8. ovate

    Face Chat System - "Tales of" skits

    PD_Facechat & PD_TweenAnimation (2017/02/05 v2.00) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Face chat system like a "Tales of" series skits. How to use Face Chat System Creating and Preparing Files The graphics for face chat uses the following parts ・Main/ Base: (メインパーツ) Eyes for...
  9. ovate

    Kanji - Pictures without Shake

    picturesWithoutShake.js ver.1.00 Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview Pictures remain still on screen shake Could be worthwhile for pictures used as user interface. (if project uses screen shake at all) Specified pictures are going to move in the opposite direction of parent element's...
  10. Eliaquim

    Eli Pictures - Enhance the default picture event command to do more simple or complex commands.

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction When using pictures, sometimes you may want to show or move them in a more complex way. But the only place you can be free is changing/setting the x and y position through variables. This plugin adds an enhanced show/move pictures command where you can do...
  11. ovate

    Help Scene Window

    AB_HelpScene - 1.01 (2020/10/21) Creator name: ebi (ヱビ) Introduction You can create help scene with pictures. Could be organized for a tutorial, objective, journal, etc. Creating a help scene 1. Prepare a help image and put it inside img/pictures folder. (640px*tall 360px*wide) 2. Set the...
  12. ovate

    Glass Breaking Picture Effect

    NGT_Shatter - 1.0.0 (2019/03/17) Author: Velfare Nagata Overview Effects are applied in the plugin parameters- Picture can have glass breaking effect by picture ID upon a plugin command Features - There's six different sample effects to choose from. - Try using them or modify parameters...
  13. Eliaquim

    Eli Easing Pictures - Add the Robert Penner easing animation to pictures!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with only 4 types of easing animations: Linear - Standard movement. Slow Start - In Quad Slow End - Out Quad Slow Start/End - In/Out Quad Although that is great, when compared with MV, it could also be better! This plugin adds...
  14. ovate

    Kido's Picture Plugin Commands

    PictureColorChange - 2018/08/16 To change a picture with hue and tint. Feature You can change the hue of picture with a different color as shown in the preview. Based on the hue-ring around 360 degrees, as shown below. For white/ black and monochrome images- changing that color won't be...
  15. ovate

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  16. Eliaquim

    Eli Choice Pictures - Show different pictures for each choice!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Build and playing a game where the player can make choices is cool! Although Rpg Maker Mz choices are nice, this plugin made it better when it implements a feature that lets you show pictures while the player hovers over/selects different choices! Features...
  17. Passingbyposts

    Foldering Pictures & Variable Dependent Clothing Parts

    This is a simple something whilst we wait for somebody far better to come up with the onscreen breathing avatar plugin I have seen many game examples of an on-screen character avatar that breathes, blinks and changes outfit but these to my knowledge have always been bespoke and not part of a...
  18. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu - Pictures Alternative

    Firstly, I must admit that I'm still learning as a coder. That's why your feedback are worth as much as my growth. Plugin Description REWRITE pictures function for EASING experience and user CONVENIENCE. It is a useful plugin for visual novel esque or could be much more! Plugin Features...
  19. SrOscuro

    Where are the 'pictures' pixijs sprites stored? [solved]

    I am working on a very simple plugin, and need access the pixijs sprite of pictures. That's the sprite shown on screen when using "Show picture" command. I need to modify the mask of that sprite. I looked into $gameScreen._pictures[picture_id] but its not a sprite object, doesnt has a 'mask'...
  20. Amarok

    need a way to display graphics without the default show picture command

    Hello there! i hope everyone is doing well and safe in these times. Since the quarantine prevents me from working i went back to coding and rpgmaking, kept experimenting with js and made my own roguelike system, everything works fine except one thing. Performance is terrible, most probably...

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