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  1. Qfollowers plugin fix

    Hi all, I have being trying to figure out why the follower sprites will not dash like the main character when using Qpulgins. I have posted this on the thread in the link below starting on page 40 and thanks to Arise, they have instructed me that it is more than likely the Qfollowers plugin...
  2. High Fantasy Window Display

    Hello everyone I need help with my game's window display and opinions. 640 x 480 This is the one I want to use for my battle because all my characters will fit on screen perfectly without standing on walls or other background areas. However on it's menu screen the character icons are too far...
  3. Meridianbot

    mages in the Main Party Pack I

    How many mages, robes and ****, are included in the Main Party Pack I and how old do they look? regards Bot

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