1. RMMV Help a music teacher bring pitch detection to RPGMV minigames

    Greetings RMMV fam, Over the past few years, I've been gradually updating a game that I allow my students to play to brush up on music theory concepts. Rmmv works well for dialogue choice quizzes and screen picture based assessments, but as many of my school standards are based in performance...
  2. wzackw

    Advanced Manipulation of Sound Effects

    So, I'm wondering if it is possible to do a few things with sound effects: 1) Could I play a long (multi-second) sound effect for footsteps, but cut it off when the player stops walking? (Instead of repeating one short sound each time the player takes a step.) 2) If I were to repeat one short...
  3. willer111

    JS Plugin Request - Change Music Pitch

    Hello, I just have a simple plugin request. When I play a BGM file with 100 Pitch and I change the pitch to 120, the BGM music stops then plays. I want it to be able to start playing from the point it stopped. However, if I play another BGM file with another pitch, it would play that...

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