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  1. Raexxar

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Dead Hearts on Steam, wishlist it now! Dead Hearts on Gamejolt, follow it now! What would you do if all the people you knew were murdered before your eyes? What would you do if the scenery repeated itself over and over again? What would you do if you knew you were about to die in front of...
  2. rianez3

    Rianez3's Free Iconset

    Credit: rianez3 Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free Repost: link to this topic or my itch.io site Edits: allowed Repost of Edits: yes, with credit and link to this topic or my itch.io site Maker Required: MV So yeah, basically this is my first thread, Nice to meet you all. I want to share my...
  3. devilwon000

    devilwon000's art

    Hello, I am not good at English. Please understand that I use a translator. I upload the dot I took and my image. My Twitter account is: https://twitter.com/devilwon000
  4. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 5)

    An Unusual Hero's Journey You are an aspiring adventurer in a JRPG world, dreaming to become just like the heroes of legend who rose up and faced the Demon King in the past. Your chance finally arrived when a fairy chose you to become the next hero. Things should be straight forward right...
  5. gRaViJa

    RMMV Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - An Action Adventure RPG

    (Last update: December 29th 2020) Follow: Itch.io // Facebook // YouTube // Twitter // Instagram // Website Developer's note I’m Kevin, an independent game developer working on my game and passion project Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace. My goal is to create a game that breathes 90's nostalgia, but...
  6. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Phil Alone [Ludum Dare 47]

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* ABOUT THE GAME Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  7. ihasllamas

    RMMV Stay Home

    Hi everyone! My friend (Hikaru-i) and I released our first game last month and thought we would give it a go by posting it here for some more feedback! Not only was this our first game, but it was our first collaborative project as well. We hope you'll enjoy our little game and please consider...
  8. Sharm

    RTP Demake Tiles

    For those of you who don't know, a Demake is where you take existing game and remake it into an older style, usually based around an old console or handheld system. I started this MV demake before MZ came out, so at the time I wasn't aware of things like the VisuStella tiles, and I wanted to...
  9. Benjomin

    RMMV Project Nullus (Concept Demo)

    Will you survive the Nullus Manor? After a near fatal collision with a deer on a backwoods road, Noa finds herself at an eerie manor in search of help. Project Nullus started as an idea I had for a combat system and evolved into this JRPG-ish Horror Survival thing. Players will explore the...
  10. leusyth

    leusyth's gallery :]

    hello all! thought i would post some artwork ive been working on for my game! i'm thinking of uploading a demo to the forums soon as well,but until then heres some out of context art.
  11. gRaViJa

    Pixel skill animations?

    Hey all, does anybody know any good pixel skill animation sets (for MV)? All the available sets are not in pixel style and googling didn't gave me great results. There are the Time Fantasy animations, but they aren't complete enough for me. If you know of any, please post a link! Free or...
  12. rambamboo

    RMMV Wireland

    SYNOPSIS Wireland is a 2D pixel art RPG for Windows about a catboy called Byubyu whose girlfriend Wire's physical body was kidnapped one night while he's asleep (and she's kidnapped by an alternate version of herself!?). You play as Byubyu with your girlfriend (as a ghost) in tow as you...
  13. Cosmic_Wheels

    RMMV Starcaller Demo V1.0

    Starcaller is a High Fantasy/Sci-fi Adventure RPG based in the same universe as our first release, Myrkvidr. The gameplay is split between Side-scrolling exploration and top-down depending on the situation. We did this in order to better depict the gameworld. All of the pixel art and Music is...
  14. Kich

    Who are the pixel artists behind RPG Maker XP?

    Whenever I open RMXP's tilesets to study them or to get a reference while I'm doing a pixel art piece, I'm thrilled with the quality of those graphics. I'm pretty sure the artists behind this engine were real pros. What if some of them actually worked on games before being part of RMXP's team...
  15. tale

    RTP VX Ace Battlers (SMT-Pixel) + Battler Death Animations (Thanos Effect)

    I used PixaTool to convert VX Ace Battlers to pixel art with minor sharpen effect. no anti-alias Pixel art style looks a bit reminiscent to older Shin Megami Tensei however not as smooth. In addition, death animations are made from Juice FX with Thanos Effect. 20 frames long Thanos Effect is...
  16. SpacemanDX

    RMVXA Soul Stone - A rpg inspired by Earthbound, Dragon quest and Chrono Trigger

    Trailer: Plot: In a small town called Ametist town, strange storms and tornadoes are destroying the city, 4 characters with different abilities must discover what is causing these strange events with the power of 8 magic stones and traveling around the world. Characters: Eddie: He's a very...
  17. CrowStorm

    Simple-Ish (I Think?) Sprite Edit

    Hi! I just want to take the helmet off of this tall style character (based on one from the Dark Fantasy pack that I don't think I'm allowed to post resources from according to the site rules but idk so I'll just provide one frame for now to be safe): PM me if you can help. (I'd try to make an...
  18. NinjaKittyProductions

    Zak... OC in Pixel Art Form

    {MH} I decided to try my hand at some pixel art (because I do not do it often enough... and I really should) and did one of my original characters from an unreleased comic. His name is Zak. I know it is just a static form... I'll try my hand at more dynamic poses later <_< Original size 48x72...
  19. Kikeluzi

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    K A W A I I L A N D TRAILER STORY Kawaiiland, land of the cuteness, is an island inhabited by various types of creatures, home of the tiny pixies; of the vegetal ones, yasainians; and of the very cute, kemonomiminians! Outside its prevailing population, Kawaiiland often receives visits of...
  20. felipefalcon

    RMVXA Doce Sonhar [In Development]

    STORY Doce Sonhar is a RPG, Puzzle, Exploration and Drama game focused on the story of the main character (unnamed) and his family. You are a little girl with pink hair, lonely and quite depressive. You has been going through many bad situations since you were a child. You just woke up in...

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