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  1. padr81

    RMMZ Llewl

    Latest Patch is here and comes with over 80 bug fixes, tweaks, changes and updates. Thanks to everyone who has already played or offered feedback on the demo, you guys are amazing and the game already feels 100 times better. Y'all are amazing. Thank you so much. Click here to see bug...
  2. Ina00

    Recreating Shaz's pixel gauges (MV) for VX Ace

    Hello! My game uses a 16 bit-ish pixel art graphic and i'm going through a process of graphical edits to make everything look fine. I was looking for a way to replace the HP, MP, TP and Stats gauges with pixel art image based gauges, and I found this thread that does exactly what I'm looking...
  3. slktmslk

    RMMV Lita's Dream [Horror]

    Popular high school girl Lita finds herself trapped in a strange dreamlike world. The Dreamlike world is also a place in Lita's memories, and there are many strange creatures that she has never seen before. She needs to escape from a dangerous, eerie castle with the help of her mysterious ally...
  4. Lunacero

    RMMV Forest Life - A Fishing / Life-Sim

    Forest Life is a fishing + life-sim inspired by Animal Crossing (and similar cozy games) with a nostalgic GameBoy aesthetic. Download the game for free at https://lunacero.itch.io/forestlife SYNOPSIS Play as a young traveling beaver among other woodland creatures. You’re the newest resident in...
  5. WickBRSTM

    Spacing issues with coelocanth's Font Textures

    Heyo, Wick here. Hope you're doing well if you're reading this. :) I decided to look into alternate methods for rendering fonts in RMMV since I recently decided to change the game's rendering method to more suit my pixel art style, at the cost of some elements of my UI such as the font I was...
  6. RMMZ Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer (Early Access October 10th)

    DEMO LINKS: Steam: Chronicles of Vaeltaja Itch.io: Chronicles of Vaeltaja Chronicles of Vaeltaja is crpg in development by one man indie company Witchgrove Games. It takes you back to the golden era of pc-gaming when classics like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ultima and Lands of Lore...
  7. PomPomKing

    RMMV Need help with pixel art animated cutscenes

    Hi everyone! New user here. I want to know if someone knows of a plugin or another method to put a transparent, pixel art animation, preferably with spritesheet instead of video. I found a plugin called PKD VPlayer, but apparently it only works with .webm format (a not-so-good format for...
  8. Vaddix

    RMMV Dyztopia Full Release!

    Dyztopia, is a cute but difficult RPG. Discover the world after the world's end. Play as an agent gone rogue trying to make the world a better place. Quit your job! The world ended due to a demonic invasion. Now new humanoids walk the earth dealing with the remnants of our present. The...
  9. minkonn

    RMMV Our Long Walk Home (Surreal, horror RPG)

    'Home; a dying breeze, in the peripherals of my vision, to chase until the end of time.' Our Long Walk Home is a surreal, horror RPG about a student caught in an infinitely repeating walk home as their world crumbles around them. A story about expectations, reflections, and a missing half...
  10. Metthink

    RMMV The Legendary Rion (DLC)

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Additional content from my trilogy. It tells a part of the story of Rion, a playable character, but not mandatory in the base games. Premisse RPG elements kept in this game, such as stopping the battle to heal yourself using a potion (if possible), random battles and event...
  11. Zackh

    RMMZ VALLEDI - A game about grief and superation

    Hi Everyone! Here is Zackh, me and my wife have been working on a game for some time, and we would love to get some feedback. Valledi is a top-down platforming game focused on the story of Diana and her companion Drone : A.N.G.E.L. (Automated Neuro Guided Experiment in Legacy), in a journey...
  12. discocatman

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  13. CreativaGS

    RMMV Cube dudes Life at farm

    Cubic dudes: Life at farm Disconnect from the city's routine and come to this wonderful land and enjoy with Cubic Dudes the peaceful days on the farm. SYNOPSIS Actual contents SCREENSHOTS SETTING PLAY ONLINE You can play online and see the actual version.
  14. TortuDragon

    Flying Skull Miniboss

    So, I'm creating a haunted graveyard in my game that needs a miniboss. I'm looking for any kind person who can make me a Flying skull in flames. I just need one direction, not an entire spritesheet. Resource Type: Character, sprite Maker Format: For RPG Maker MV Art Style: MV RTP...
  15. ArcKaarisun

    Arc's Resource Packs

    Hello all! I'm posting one of my resource packs that I created some time ago for MV. They are free to use for both commercial and personal. You can modify them as you wish. Just please credit me if you use for commercial project. Also, if you like what you see, please consider donating on my...
  16. RMMV OneBox Puzzle Demo for Android Now Available by Itch.io (and "PC vesion" here)

    I know this isn't the kind of projects that are usually done in rpgmaker or at least not the kind of popular projects, but since it's done in this engine, I thought it's appropriate to post it here. In this case, it is a demo or, better said, a Vertical Slice of a puzzle game for mobile...
  17. Mike-Turtle

    RMMV Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator #nofreegamejam

    Help us out by wishlisting us on Steam! Being created for #NoFreeGameJam Made in MV/MZ for PC and Linux As idle as you want: 'Desktopia' simulates a fantasy medieval village along the bottom of your desktop, allowing you to work, watch, or play something else while your village grows. You can...
  18. minkonn

    RMMV Starpatch

    ˙・:*✫Starpatch ✫*:・˙ ☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆ Starpatch is a short, cute and relaxing Puzzle RPG about a fallen astronaut (and even more fallen stars) and their journey finding shelter! My entry for GJL Parade Spring 2022, and my first RPGmaker game!! I learnt a lot...
  19. how can i make some pixel art for my game

    so i know where i can make pixel art sites like pixlart medibang etc but i am not good at art or pixel art and the pixtures i wanna make with it are very simple and i can make 2 of them myself basically in my game i wanted 3 pixel art pics to play out after the credits a green and white egg the...
  20. Ina00

    RMVXA Hackventure RPG

    ◈ WHAT IS HACKVENTURE? ◈ Hackventure is a surreal adventure jrpg game mainly inspired by the Mother/Earthbound series. Its development started in 2019 and I'm currently the only one working on it. The game uses a traditional combat system, simple graphic in pure mother style, and a very rich and...

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