pixel art

  1. SomaelCK

    RMMV One Loves the Sunset

    KODOTS GAMES PRESENTS SYNOPSIS One Loves the Sunset is a slice-of-life style of story-teller where you play as an ordinary old man who goes on with his ordinary life. Behind the seemly normal and rather mundane daily routines, it is shown that he is a damaged person, haunted by the past...
  2. Luiishu535

    RMMV The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You

    The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You is an Adventure game where you play as the hero who failed to save the world. As a broken man, you decide to pull yourself together in an attempt to bring some good to what's left of the world. However, no matter how hard you try, things always...
  3. Vexed

    Vexed's Artstuffs

    Vexed's Artstuffs Just a poorly curated collection of my artcrap - please do not use anything in this thread, this is all personal artwork and not resources to be used. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. novastartherapter

    Resource makers needed for my game; Nightmare: The darkest Dream

    Hey guys, I'm new to RPG maker Forums, and I'm looking for some people to help me out in the creation of my game ^_^ The game is called Nightmare: The Darkest Dream. Here's a small description to give you an idea of what this game will be like :) Nightmare: The Darkest Dream is a game that...
  5. Dungeons & Drinks (Ginko)

    A Wizard

    hey everybody, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but this is my first pixel-character i have EVER made. He's just a simple wizard. I'm decent at drawing, so i took what i knew about shading and attempted to make the torch light on his robes look realistic. This probably sucks, but...
  6. Sanidrone

    How to make a map from scratch

    I'm pretty new and I'm trying to make a map on my own from scratch since I really don't like using default assets. I've already made a pixel art of the whole thing (See below) and I'm trying to figure out how to make tiles from it. Tried making a sprite sheet for all the parts, but RPG maker...
  7. beendfromendbe

    Any good tools for making assets?

    Hi, I'm new to the RPG Maker and this forum. I'm going to develop my first game and... I'm having a little problem... There's no asset packs or sprites in the shop that fit my game. I'm going to find some new tools that can be used in creating pixel-art-style sprites and there is no tool...
  8. dragoonwys

    Dwys' Art Stash

    8') I'm mostly an illustrator but I make basic sprites too. Still a long way to go on that last one before I can call myself proficient in it, but always ready to learn! Gonna be dropping my some of the art things especially the pixel art I do on a whim here from time to time. So to start...
  9. skatasticdinoboy

    Walk Cycles

    I'm absolutely atrocious when it comes to making walk cycles, would anyone be able to offer some pointers? :/  The culmination of my abilities:
  10. hexfur

    Warrior Cat Game

    Hello, I'm new to making games & new to RPG Maker VX Ace but wanted to give it a shot.   The game I am designing has been done (in a way) by FalconStar, called Warriors: Untold Tales. I would like to do my own warriors game, but more in depth than what he did. However I cannot make sprites...
  11. Loppa

    Speed Pixel Art Horror Chara Editing

    All my work in pixel art, and I edited or create something new. Both standard graphics for POP! Horror City, Official pack for sale on rpgmakerweb. Register on my youtube channel to give me the strength to continue! xD  LINK ALLA PLAYLIST  ( Or scroll the topic ) ☣ ✔POP...
  12. Yume nikki Fangame help

    Hello my name is Michael I am 12 years old and about to be 13 I am Currently Working on a Fangame Called After based on Yume nikki i am Average on making maps, script and pixel art and would love for some people to help! I don't have money so ill be looking for people who will help free of...

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