pixel art

  1. CodeRad

    Do I even Pixel Art (CodeRad's Pixel Art)

    I'm making a turn based RPG game during my free time, and since I'm having hard time finding an artist to help me I decided to make my own art. As someone with zero pixel art skills, scratch that... zero art skills, I really would appreciate the feedback. I will update this post with more art...
  2. Pyromantic

    Pixel Art Tilesets + Parallax backgrounds

    Credit: Pyromantic, or Pyromantic Arts Non-Commercial: Free Commercial: Still free. Repost: Reposted from my Tumblr. Edits: Sure! Edits are allowed. Repost of Edits: That's cool, too. Maker Required: These are 100% original, so no Maker required. I made these 64 x 64...
  3. MysteryCorgi

    MysteryCorgi's Art Thread

    Greetings! I'll be posting my art here. Feedback welcome! Sprite Bases Sprites Pixel Portrait Objects Monsters Tiles Small Tileset Sample
  4. Rukiri

    What's your favorite pixel art tool?

    Pixel art has exploded over the last decade, so beg's the question.  What's your favorite pixel art tool? The interface is pretty much a make or break since you technically could do everything in mspaint, don't think macOS ships with a paint program anymore...    My favorites are. -...
  5. yopeople

    The Path I Chose - Artist & Programmer

    Story: It's about a female protagonist that lives in a poor village. The demon is terrorizing the world and the Irry needs to save the world. She is not equipped to fight and has no prior fighting experience as she is a poor farm girl. Her mother dies from famine and illness and Illy decides...
  6. Arcmagik

    FREE Legion Saga MV [Recruiting Mappers]

    There exists in the annals of the yesteryear a game that was considered a classic of the cloistered community of the RPGMaker 2000 engine. It was released in 2001 during a time when there were a few actual completed games... it went on to spawn an entire trilogy of games and an attempted remake...
  7. Lazuli

    I'd like help with pixel art please

    I'd like to create my own tilesets and sprites e.c.t. for my games but I lack technique and skill in pixel art, I've tried and I'm never happy with my results usually because they are mostly block colour (I struggle with shading) and are not well animated or proportioned. Any advice?
  8. PixelLuchi

    Crunch's Pixel Resources (Updated: 15/9/16 - Battlers)

    I started a resource thread back in mid-2012 when I was still an active member for VX/VX-Ace resources, but a return means a new thread, I guess. For those of you who don't know me, I was ( and still ) am, known for my gorgeous non-parallaxed maps, and I've written a few tutorials in the VX...
  9. Nico Kaneo

    The Wolf Princess - Game Recruitment

    Hello, I am currently "hiring" for any members who would like to help me on a personal project, for my sister. I know the guidelines of this forum explicitely prohibit any submissions of personal projects, due to the team not feeling involved in how the game plays out. However, I am very...
  10. Azmor

    Pixel Art Critique

    Good day, I'm asking for some critique. What can I make better, what is good, etc. pp. Go hard on me.  ;)
  11. Industrial Gamer

    RMVXA A Cure from Reality

    --------A Cure From Reality-------- -------Industrial Robot Games------ This game is an RPG with graphics inspired by Earthbound. In this game you explore a strange land different from what you're used to. Inanimate objects trying to fight? Monsters and other beasts walk the...

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