pixel art

  1. CaptainSharkFin

    SCION - Project Recruitment

    Hello, and thank you for your interest (or, at the very least, thank you for taking the time to read through this messy block of text).  I'm definitely not a very prominent member of this community so I'd just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself -- I am a novice / amateur RPG Maker MV...
  2. Quigon

    MV: Animated Retro Sprite~

    As much as I'm getting better at pixel art, I am having a hella bad time with sprites, so I thought I'd try my luck here while I practice, at least so I can get a good base to work from if nothing else. I'm looking for a sprite for my main character in this pixel art style;
  3. sentinelshade

    Passion project now, possible money later!

    Hello, all! On teamups.net, I posted a VXAce project that my team recently started working on! It has a deep, immersive fantasy/sci-fi storyline that pits an odd assembly of warriors and a reluctant hero against a one world order-style regime. If you haven't already heard of teamups, it's a...
  4. Rotating map sprites?

    Hello all, I am new to RPG Maker MV. and I am just wondering if there us a way to rotate the sprites before, or after you place them on the map. IE: rotating a bed so it is sideways rather than longways Also as a side note where can i buy/get more art for more modern settings?
  5. FKAexe

    Pixel Art- Icons and Sprites

    I am making a game based in the Mother 3 series. While i exporte succefully the Modern-Retro tilesets from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV so i already have the tilesets i need. However the characters sprites were not exported that fine and the icons that i found are not really too well neither. I...
  6. Shake0615

    The Thing in the Basement [Recruitment]

    The Thing in the Basement is a short horror/puzzle game inspired by the stories of HP Lovecraft. The player must guide college student Peyton LaFevre through a series of challenging riddles and brain benders while avoiding a monster that is stalking her. Current Progress: 80% finished. The...
  7. Paper doll system requires 2 Sprites set

    Resource Type: (Sprite set.) Maker Format: (Ace,MV)  Art Style: (MV RPT, Ace RTP, original.) Description:  system supports all rpg maker but only two are needed for the demo Rpg maker ACE, Rpg maker MV Youtube Demo video Hi I have this system paperdoll I want to do a better...
  8. NarikoStudios

    Dragon Recruitment

    I am currently looking for Mappers and people who make outfits for the generator I'm looking for people that can help me with maps and making them better as i'm not very good with them and also to sprite outfits for the generator When working with me on a team you can expect to have...
  9. Liandra Aura

    Legend of Illymara (Title is a WIP) [FREE with exclusions]

    Facebook post: (SIMPLE VERSION) Looking for writers and artists willing to work for free. (Not completely. Working on a trilogy but I want to release the first part to the public for free. If it works out, we can market the sequels) I need people who are good with dialogue and character...
  10. Hikari_Jake

    BERSERK -A Fan Game Based on the Epic Dark Fantasy Manga- (Mature)

    First of all, I said "Mature" in the title because this game will have a lot of violence and frightening images. Not so much sex, if any at all, so don't worry about that. Second, this game is going to be absolutely commercial-free. So it'd be ideal if we could make the development process...
  11. Seeking fellow rpg maker novices interested in collaborating

    Hi all, Just wondering are there any other relative novice game-makers out there who would love to team up and work on an as-of-yet undetermined experimental project but, like me, feel that they would be a little too under skilled (at this point in time) to work alongside more seasoned...
  12. Sunku

    Looking for a Partner

    First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself to anyone that was interested in reading this thread. I am a young adult that loves video games with a burning passion. I program as a hobby and would do just about anything to make video games for a living. That being said I don't know that...
  13. GameDevon

    Pixels of Devonland

    Hello! I'm gonna start throwing little sprite animations I've made here, and since it's Christmas...... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE Most of the pixel art and animation I post here will be used in Animagic, a game about animation and magic so please do not use my art elsewhere  :guffaw: If you...

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