pixel movement

  1. nathanlink169

    RMMV Pixel-Based Movement AND Tactics Battle System

    Hello all! I'm doing a bit of an interesting* thing - in the game I'm working on, most of the movement is pixel-based rather than grid based (i.e. you're not locked into a grid, and instead moving independently of a grid), but the battles are tactics-based (i.e. battles are position-based, take...
  2. Nico Kaneo

    RMMZ Requested Plugin: Pixel Movement - MZ

    Requested Plugin: A pixel movement plugin for MZ. For those who don't know, pixel movement is characters moving by pixel rather than by tile. It makes for a more free, smooth, almost 3D like movement. I believe pixel movement was made available for MV, but I'd love to see it implemented in MZ.
  3. [RESOLVED] Galv Pixel Movement + Yanfly Event Spawner Help

    Hey there, I'm using Galv's Pixel Movement in conjunction with Yanfly's Event Spawner. Whenever I spawn in an event, it walks to its destination, and upon attempting to interact with it I am greeted with the following error: If I move the event to naturally exist in the room (and it's NOT...
  4. Victor Engine Pixel Movement - Blocked Tiles

    Hi all, I've searched and searched for solutions to this problem and, through what few threads I've found, can't seem to fix this issue. I'm using Victor's Pixel Movement script (see the end of my post for the script) and can't get the <over tile> comment to function as intended. To sum up the...
  5. ForestLogic

    Game refuses to update Galv's pixelmove plugin to 1.2. HELP.

    So I realized after 6 months I've been using v1.0 of Galv's pixelmove plugin. I wanted to update it to the latest version, 1.2, to fix the issue with Move Event movement. Problem is, no matter what I do, my game refuses to update the plugin in-program. I've downloaded the updated version twice...
  6. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS + Pixel Movement Loot Help

    So long story short, I have Pearl ABS working with Victors Pixel Movement. Everything is fine and dandy except one teensy weensy problem... When you kill an enemy and they drop their "loot", it's near impossible to pick up and you have to fidget around trying to find the right pixel you need to...
  7. Lets Build Diabo Styled game in MV. Large (PV) Sprites, Pixel Movement and ABS.

    Hi guys, I've decided I'll build a complete tutorial on building a game using sprites bigger than the 48 * 48 standard, add pixel movement and generally do it over a series. Here in Part 1 we'll be dealing with basic set up, arranging and getting the game prepared along with building the...
  8. BigSharkZ

    Diagonal sprites for Quasi Movement plugin?

    Hello, I've been using Galv's Diagonal Movement and Pixel Move plugins, however I had to stop using Pixel Move when I noticed it does not support followers. I also need Collision Maps so I made the switch to Quasi's plugins instead. However, my issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to have...
  9. dbchest

    Parallax Mapping

    let us pretend we created a new project and removed all of the plugins that are installed into the project by default. let us pretend we wanted to integrate parallax mapping into this project. i would like to discuss the key components a programmer should consider when designing a plugin to...
  10. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Seeable Enemies Supporting Pixel Movement?

    I need to make a enemy you can see on the map. Guess what? It needs to be able to support Pixel Movement. Victor's script, if I recall. My game will have Pixel Movement and on map enemies. It has Pixel Movement, but it needs seeable enemies and the enemies supporting pixel movement. How do I do...
  11. vico

    The Chrono Trigger System

    Hi! It's me again! This time i want to talk about some parts of this incredible JRPG by Square-Enix. If anyone have interest in make even one part only i would be forever thankful! PS.: This post is an "improved" version of the prior topics i've made. Due to the intrinsically nature of all...
  12. userlame

    How about some Pixel Collision

    Soooo... I am looking all over and I can't find any standalone collision plugins, understandably so because why bother when there is Quasi Movement. Well, you (I) might not want to use Quasi Movement with all that it comes with (like having to give up followers) and use a more simple pixel...
  13. Rhayne

    Pixel Movement for XAS ABS, or.....

    Hi, I need help getting better pixel movement with XAS ABS.  I've tried multiple pixel movement scripts but, as usual, they aren't exactly what you would call "compatible" with XAS.   http://www.4shared.com/rar/FKWcDRB9/XAS_06_english.html If patching XAS for better pixel movement is too much...
  14. DoubleX RMVXA Pixel Movement

    Purpose Lets users set the smallest number of pixel covered per move command Configuration Games using this script None so far Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Little RGSS3 scripting proficiency to fully utilize this script Terms Of Use You shall keep this script's Script Info part's...
  15. Seriel

    Pixel Passability?

    I am aware that there are Pixel Movement scripts, and recently I have been doing some Parallax Mapping, to see what it was all about, and I was wondering, is there a way to have the passability as pixels, instead of 32x32? I imagine this would be done with some kind of Passability map as a...
  16. Hudell

    Orange Movement 3

    Who wants another pixel movement script? I had created this one for my game, but I decided to share it here. Here's the link: https://github.com/Hudell/scripts/blob/master/standalone/movement/orange_movement.rb On the Pixel Movement part, there's just one configuration: Tile_Section. This...
  17. elsimate

    Zelda directions ?

    Hi guys! I allready made this post 2 days ago but i posted it in the wrong forum i guess and its gone now. Thats ok, because i have done some research in the meantime and can ask you more specific questions. 1. Firstly, can you tell me how viable and heavy in scripting would a "pixel...
  18. FeaR616

    [ACE] Error with direction fix events!

    okay, I am facing a strange behaviour of objects with fix direction... like doors, chests, stones and so on. even if I set them to fix direction in the event window, some events still change their direction for 2 or 3 frames which really bugs me! why is that so?  a friend of mine said "oh...
  19. Earthtian

    Galvs Region effects compatible with Victor Sant Pixel movement :D

    HIYA :D I was wondering if anyone could make galvs region effect script compatible with Victor Sants Pixel movement script.  When the both of them are together you get spasms of the region effect which is very loud and crazy :P Hope someone can do this ! :D Earthtian 

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