1. CriticalGames

    RMMV 8-Bit Adventures 2 is Out Now on Steam & GOG! Turn-Based Action and Heartfelt Adventure

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted about my game on the RM forums, but after seven years of hard work, I'm thrilled to say that 8-Bit Adventures 2 has JUST LAUNCHED for PC on Steam and GOG with a 10% launch discount! There's also a free demo too! Normally the game costs...
  2. VeeSheeb

    from bad logo, to logo i like, to full title screen

    i wanted to post some more visual asset progress of my game! So, "Petland" was originally a placeholder that i wanted to change, but i decided that it was whimsical and cutesy enough to stay, as well as me not really coming up with anything else this was the first logo i made, and it already...
  3. Gabrelik

    Thoughts on mixing pixel and hand-drawn assets

    So, I was working on Haven's Embers and got to thinking about this approach. I'm currently attempting a fully hand-drawn aesthetic, and while we're planning on map sprites done in equal fashion, I couldn't help but wonder about the feasability of utilizing premade sprite bases that are pixelart...
  4. The_switchify

    Some Of My Valve Fan Art

  5. Willibab

    Sideview Battlers (not the monsters) from Sideview Battle UI - VisuStella MZ Video.

    There's a link to SeraphCircle in the video description but i only see the monster packs and other misc stuff. Am i blind?:P Those sideview battlers look incredible imo, final fantasy style of the original art. Anyone know where they are from?
  6. CrasheR

    Crashykk's Workshop (MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace, 2003)

    Note: Tiles shown on this page are still work in progress and are subject to change. Usable in: MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace and 2003. Style: Retro Resolution: 16x16 Info: These tiles are created with RPG Maker MV/MZ in mind, although thanks to 16x16 (16 pixels per 16 pixels) it can be used in VX/VX...
  7. Gammed


    HERO SECTION A: SYNOPSIS HERO is an old school style rpg made in rpg maker vx ace it will be in pixel art does not have many mechanics that I want IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION B: CHARACTERS Jhonathan is a 14 year old boy who lives in a village called babora who need to defeat an evil...
  8. DarkSearinox92

    More statues?

    Hi guys, i see that we have a very few statues. I'm searching through google and i find the same stuff... unfortunately we don't have resources of that kind. Someone is able to produce statues for have more resources of that type? Beautiful statues that I found, new and fresh, only these...
  9. Kikeluzi

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    K A W A I I L A N D TRAILER STORY Kawaiiland, land of the cuteness, is an island inhabited by various types of creatures, home of the tiny pixies; of the vegetal ones, yasainians; and of the very cute, kemonomiminians! Outside its prevailing population, Kawaiiland often receives visits of...
  10. Dvor-ak

    Dvor-ak Pixel Arts

    Hello guys, long time no see! I spent almost all of 2018 without making a single art, and now I've returned to do sprites and things like that. I also do commissions if anyone is interested. My Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dvorakart Commissions: https://i.imgur.com/M2B9lIe.png
  11. Kentaro_

    RMMV Mahou Shoujo: Between the World

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Horror*, Yuri , RPG , Sc Fi Introduction: Note: English is not my Native Language, sorry for some spelling issues. I would like to present my project for the J-Horror Jam https://itch.io/jam/j-horror-jam I'm currently working on the project. "Mahou Shoujo: Between...
  12. Salmakis

    new ImageFilter tool (scale Pixel Art with XBR/XBRz or HQ)

    Hi folks, be a while since I was here, I can't use my old Account anymore (don't have the email address anymore) so I made a new one, so no worry if my account is new and fresh. i have used this tool a long time...
  13. Pixelent Games

    RMMV HERO FALL (My IGMC 2018 entry)

    Hi, I wanted to show you the game I made for the IGMC 2018, it's called HERO FALL, I used some assets from my current project HERO STAFF. HERO FALL is a simple 2d platform game where you have to collect the coins and get to the exit of every map. It's a short game actually, I didn't know how...
  14. Ruedefaux


    Well, I’ve never posted anything before, so HELLO, my name is Ruedefaux, and I am an illustrator that works primarily in narrative illustration and character illustration, mostly my own. I try to work in and practice as many styles as I can to expand my knowledge, so there’s a few different...
  15. SmashArtist

    Getting back into Art

    Hey there! I'm re-purposing this thread to be a general place for me to post some art. I've been in a sort of art block for around three years or more where I can never get myself to draw just for fun. The only art I've been making is in a majority art for my games. I'm trying to get back into...
  16. Rishi Raj Jain

    Pixly - Pixel Art on the go

    General Today I found a very easy to work on, software for making pixelart. I am a bit lazy and I was fedup of Sitting several hours on the Desktop designing sprites. Link So, after some searching I found an Android app Pixly, search Play Store Don't know if Pixly is available on iOS. Key...
  17. Dvor-ak

    My Pixel Arts

    Hi guys, first post on this forum! Here's some pixel arts I made. More on my Deviantart: dvor-ak.deviantart.com
  18. Lantiz


    Sinopsis Dragonward is a retro-inspired arcade game with focus on resource management. Made with RPG Maker MV, featuring a simple yet beautiful 4 colors pixel art and remarcable chiptune music. You're a newbie traveler on the road to the dragon's nest. Your objective is to slay the dragon, save...
  19. Isabella Ava

    Pixel Character Maker - Unique Generator

    About: Hi everyone, i want to introduce to you the software that i am developing. It's a tool that allow you to create your own character and his/her portraits for your project. It has a very simple user interface that anyone can get used to it in no time and very powerful at the same time. Let...
  20. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Aviary of Art

    Heya, guys! Raven here! I do a fair bit of Pixel Art and I've made this topic to share my work with y'all~ I typically work with minimal colors. I started with black and white and I've since started dabbling with mixing in more colors, but I rarely dabble with more than two colors. It is an...

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