1. mi2

    Taking free pixel-art requests for your game!

    Hello everyone. I'm here because I thought that, since I'm not actively working on any projects right now, I'd offer my services to people who'd like me to do some artwork for them! If you wonder about what I can do, and what is my "style" so to speak, you are free to visit my website ( which is...
  2. esziaprez

    Scifi GTBS pack

    Hello I have many resources to GTBS isometric and I want to share it. Licence Free to use in any project you want if you give me a free copy and you give credit to Esz. FACES *sorry but the windowskin is not mine. CHARACTERS BATTLERS (some are not finished yet Ill...
  3. Nomi

    Pokemon!!! x)

    Hi there! Was getting a bit down and bored lately...so I decided to try a new projekt. Inspired by the trend about pokemon go lately I wanted to make a new Pokemon game. Here is my first start: A Squirtle done by myself. My first pixel pokemon so far...I hope u like it. Feedback is...
  4. Looking For Tileset Art Guide/Tutorial

    Sorry if this isn't in the right section. Since it's half and half I'm taking a gamble posting this in the requests section (since it technically is). Hi! I'm looking for a guide or tutorial on how to create VXA / MV style pixel art graphics for tiles, auto tiles and props. I've noticed that...
  5. Kich

    Preview: Assorted Forests Resource Pack

    Hey everyone! The other day I made a research about tileset resources that people want on RMMV. Most of all, people want more options to make good forests (or individual forest elements to be used wherever). So, just to let you know, I started to produce this Assorted Forests Resource Pack. And...
  6. Evan Finkel

    Moon Sword

    A require a small help (but huge for my game) form the pixel artists here, I need a small 24*24, pixelated RTP icon. Of this. I might give a few details about this sword. It is called "Moon Sword" It's an original sword carried by my main actor. From top to bottom. - blue glassy orb thing...

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