1. Need help with Fullscreen pixel wobbly...ness...

    I recently got a new computer and transfered my RPG maker project to it. But when I play test the game the pixels are all weird. Its kinda like theyre fighting to fit on the screen. Some pixels disappear, and overall it looks distracting and ugly. On my old computer the game was displayed pixel...
  2. Hyouryuu-Na

    Check if picture is present in position x,y [Solved]

    Exactly what the title says. Is there any way to check if a picture is present in position x,y in pixels? I looked around in the internet but didn't find anything like this. If anyone has any idea, or knows a plugin please let me know. Or you can make a plugin for me ^^; I can't pay you though...
  3. Prince Strall

    RM2k/3 Chromagia [Demo]

    - Foreword - Chromagia was made with RPG Maker 2003, so do not expect any script or particular complex mechanics. It is just a straighforward old-school-ish RPG made by someone who merely want to tell a story rather then revolutionize the genre. Also I think it is important to mention that...
  4. IronRifle64

    Ent Boss Sprite

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: Ace Art Style: XP Description:  I'm looking for an overworld boss sprite for a giant, evil, dead tree. It has an evil, chilling face, and moves by lifting it's roots. Reference Images: Similar to this boss, from Terraria. The area you fight...
  5. Nicookami

    VX Ace is blurry and has low quality graphics, want sharp pixels

    So, I searched far and wide and found little to nothing about this issue. You know how RPG Maker games are blurry? The pixels aren't sharp and everything doesn't look very pretty because of that. The game I'm making has kind of a retro style, all pixelated, but it looks low quality because of...
  6. Making Pixels Look Sharper

    Hello, I have a question about pixels. I really like the art-style of retro style games way back at the beginning when pixels were very visible and sharp. And while try as I might, my sprites never can get that look to them, RPG Maker VX Ace just blurs the colors all together, and they end up...
  7. Ebonfix

    I need someone to do some art for me.

    see I really just wanna know if someone could do both of the character sprites with this thing I made  if that's to small I have a... up to scale photo here and well... I was trying to do it ,but it looked so ugly....like the mast thing was really oddly place on the sprite. and well that's...
  8. Silenity

    2 minute fill in request~!

    Just need someone to help me fill out this sprite I "made." All I did was remove Actor3-5's head and replaced it with People4-3's head. Could use some help just filling in the missing pixels to make it look normal. I tried but I think I'm brain dead. EDIT: Did it myself. It turned out...
  9. Koshin68

    "Pixelated" Pictures/Portraits

    Hey! This is my first time posting so if this is the wrong place to ask this please be patient with me! I've put about 70 hours in tinkering with VX Ace and decided it's time to make a serious game with my own art. The only problem is, when I upload my portraits as pictures they become...
  10. Sato1999

    Jitter's stuffs!

    Hello! I think it should be time for me to create my sprite topic. I make animated battlers, but no chibis, the reason is because i'm not good with either tiny or big images. Acepting requests! Terms of use: Here's my holder styled battlers:(In order of making) Since rips aren't...
  11. nanokan

    Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

    BIG UPDATE   For question and Requests in my Profil i hate it when you question here and spamm the topic  Pls don't do that For non-Comercial and Comercial @Enterbrain Edit by Nanokan Pixels by Nanokan   often Question Wood Pack Future Pack  City and Tower Pack Lava Pack desert Pack Blue Ice...
  12. Tsukihime

    Pixel Comparison tools

    Here's a tool I wrote some time ago when I was trying to remove backgrounds and separate images into different parts. It is an image-comparison tool that takes two images of the same size and outputs the differences. You can control what it means for two images to be "same" using a tolerance...

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